🎧 432 Hz ✤ Deep Healing Music ✤ DNA Repair ✤ Relaxation Music ✤ Meditation

🎧 432 Hz ✤ Deep Healing Music ✤ DNA Repair ✤ Relaxation Music ✤ Meditation

Track Name: Deep Healing Music
Music By @Andre James
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Video Created by @Andre James

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Hypnosis in the News!

This article discusses three successful uses for hypnosis: hypnosis for quitting smoking, hypnosis for pain relief, and hypnosis for childbirth. This report leaves no doubt that hypnosis is becoming more mainstream and accepted as its successes become known.

The Mind-Body Connection and Its Importance in Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Mainstream medical science today still tends to regard our minds and bodies as two separate entities, and support and treatments for them from this arena are pigeon-holed accordingly. However, outside of the mainstream many complimentary medical practices including cognitive hypnotherapy focus on a holistic approach to human health, viewing “mind” and “body” as simply labels within the synergistically operating framework that is a whole person.

Maximising One’s Potential

“I am talented, so are you!” – many of us may have come across such or similar slogans of Motivational Speaker or their Learning Technologies Companies. We often get inundated with such TV commercials or media advertisements extolling the wonders of how motivational speakers can inspire one to reach new heights in one’s personal achievements. Motivational theories come in many forms, the most widely marketed of which would be one that encompasses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (or better known as “NLP”) studies.

How to Improve Your Self Esteem Using Hypnosis – Become More Confident Quickly

In this article we are going to discuss turbocharging your self esteem quickly and easily using the magical power of self hypnosis. The truth of the matter is actually quite simple. We each have a rich inner world of ongoing dialogue that we are consciously unaware of… and the dictates, mandates and orders given by these little green gremlins of guilt, and goblins of doubt, are often FAR more powerful and suggestive than what our ordinary consciousness actively creates.

Covert Hypnosis to Make More Money

There’s a reason why people who go through covert hypnosis training (or conversational hypnosis) become so successful. Imagine if you were instantly able to persuade anyone to do anything. It would almost be unfair how much of an advantage in life you would have.

What is Hypno Feminism? The Amazing Truth You Don’t Want to Miss

In this article we are going to take a quick look at hypno feminism, and explore why it’s rapidly becoming a very popular form of behavior modification for MANY men, albeit one that happens HIDDEN behind the cloak and veil of secrets wants, wishes and desires. But it is a FASCINATING foray into how many are using the power of hypnotic suggestion to embrace their own inner spirit, and creating change, transformation and a brand new identity for themselves, often in rapid fire turn around time.

Kitchen Nightmares and Hypnosis – What is the Connection?

Chef Gordon Ramsey has a show called “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” that, if you watch it, really isn’t about the restaurant business at all! It’s about change and how to make changes in your life — just like hypnosis does. As a clinical hypnotist, I use the philosophy of Gordon Ramsey in my office. Read on to find out how.

Simple Self Hypnosis Techniques That Work – Learn Hypnosis on Yourself Fast

In this article we are going to cover some simple self hypnosis techniques that work fast. Many people want to learn hypnosis to not only be more magnetic, persuasive and powerful in their own dialogue and dealing with others, but ALSO to have an effective valve for tapping into their own troubles, and release them accordingly. For example, many of us have habits that we’d like to break…and have been unsuccessful kicking, or lifestyle choices that are holding us back. Hypnosis, even that which is performed ON oneself, is a VERY effective way of accomplishing just that. Read on as we take a look.

How You Can Choose a Hypnotist

Hypnotists have become popular for their skills in helping people resolve difficult situations. Hypnosis has been successfully used for smoking cessation, weight loss, relief of social inhibition, confidence building, and much more.

A Guide to Using Subliminal Messages to Empower People’s Lives – PCAT Method (Part 1 of 4)

Conversational Hypnosis with subliminal messages is a method used to help many people resolve internal conflicts and anxieties to live better and healthier lives. A very simple tool used for this method is a PCAT Formula, which can be used in almost any conversation to help a person open up and eventually let go of and finally resolve a certain difficulty that is prohibiting a well-lived life. It is so simple, yet so effective, that you get to apply it even in normal day to day conversations and get your kin, colleague, friend, or even a business associate to open up what’s bothering them without getting noticed that you are trying to help them.

Conversational Hypnosis Training

“What would you do with the power to persuade others to do as you please?” Conversational hypnosis training will give you a great deal of power. The question is will you use that power for good or for evil?

Learn How to Hypnotize Your Friends and Co-Workers

Hypnosis is real, and you can learn how to do it on just about anyone. It doesn’t require the subject to be lying down, or to fall into a deep sleep as you wave a gold watch in front of their face. There are modern hypnosis techniques that allow you to make people think and do things that you suggest without them even knowing it.

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