🎧 528 Hz The Love Frequency | Heart Chakra Activation Music

🎧 528 Hz The Love Frequency | Heart Chakra Activation Music | Heal and Restore Relationships | Attract Your Soul Mate solfeggio frequency recording by Simply Hypnotic

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— Embedded Affirmations:
My inner child receives my love today.
I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.
My heart is always open and I radiate love.
All my relationships are long lasting and loving.
My partner is the love of my life and the centre of my universe.
My life partner loves me unconditionally.
I love myself and everybody else and in return everybody loves me.
Everywhere I go, I find love. Life is joyous.
My partner and I are a perfect match for each other and the love between us is divine.
I understand my partner perfectly.
Whatever be my relationship, love and forgiveness is the foundation of that relationship.
I give out love and it is returned to me multiplied many fold.
I am in love with a wonderful person who is caring, committed, loyal, trustworthy and understanding.
An endless supply of love energy flows around me at all times.
I have a tremendous amount of love to give.
I attract love effortlessly.
I am grateful for the love that is around me.
I always have love in my life.
I love with compassion and understanding.
I am known for my positive energy and loving attitude.
My world is filled with love, light, and happiness.
I deserve to be loved.
I attract love by being myself.
I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
People recognize and appreciate the love that pours out of my being.
I share my love generously with others. I accept others’ love with gratitude.
Love is essential.
I love openly, honestly, unconditionally and compassionately.
I create love in my life with enthusiasm.
I celebrate life and love every day.
Miracles and magic surround me everywhere I go.
I live a loving life.
Love is all around me right now!
I am positive and loving
I am deeply in love
I always communicate honestly, openly, and with respect

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