🎧 Enhance Self Love ❤️ 528 Hz Healing Energy ❤️ Remove Self Doubt and Restore Relationships

🎧 Enhance Self Love ❤️ 528 Hz Healing Energy ❤️ Remove Self Doubt and Restore Relationships Solfeggio Frequency recording by Simply Hypnotic | Use the beautiful 528 Hz to bring about wonderful change to your inner being and help bring about calm and restoration to your Mind, Body and Spirit | Listen often on a low / medium volume setting.

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Five Ways in Which Hypnotherapy Can Assist Cancer Patients

Studies suggest that hypnotherapy might supplement medical interventions in helping cancer patients sleep better, reduce anxiety, recover sooner from surgery, manage pain more effectively, and perhaps live longer. This article cites books on these topics that will be useful for cancer patients.

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This article is about how stress effect both employee and employer in the workplace – looking at good and bad stress

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is considered to be extremely effective in helping people to overcome panic disorders, and this can usually be achieved within 8 sessions. I use CBT at my practice in Hertfordshire and have found it very useful in treating agoraphobia, particularly when used in conjunction with a newer cognitive therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This article details some of the ways in which CBT and NLP are used during NLP Herts to help clients achieve freedom from agoraphobia.

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Hypnosis Of Negative Core Beliefs On Health And Aging – Heal With Hypnotherapy

All of us carry in our subconscious minds certain core beliefs about the nature of ourselves and the world. While many of these beliefs are positive, it’s the negative beliefs we carry that drag us down relentlessly, limiting our potential.

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