🎧 FEEL Amazing – Attract POSITIVE Vibes πŸ™ Receive HEALING Energy πŸ™ Raise Your Vibration

🎧 FEEL Amazing – Attract POSITIVE Vibes πŸ™ Receive HEALING Energy πŸ™ Raise Your Vibration

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Use Self-Hypnosis To Overcome Any Psychological Barrier

Want to find out how to overcome and release those obstacles from your mind that used to stop you moving forward? Want to know how to free your mind to achieve your dreams? Then please read on because this article shows you how to do that, thank you.

How To Use Self-Hypnosis To Harness One Of Natures Most Powerful Forces

Do you want to know how to harness one of natures most powerful forces to bring more well-being into your world? Then read on because this article shows you how to do just that. Thank you.

When Teaching Hypnosis Classes Check Your Students Intent

Having just completed my official Certification as a Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnosis, I thought it appropriate to include this article on training how to do a physical task since the practice of hypnosis is physical. In a issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers, using the MRI, found that when a person watches someone else perform a task with the intention of later replicating the observed performance, motor areas of the brain are activated in a fashion similar to that with accompanies actual movement. Teaching a physical skill often involves …

How Does Covert Hypnosis Work?

If you think that hypnosis can only happen on a couch with your eyes closed while a guy with a gray goatee slowly brings you down in a trance, you really have to read this.

What Is Self-Hypnosis And Is It For You?

Problems of the mind can be started by conscious events in our lives whilst at other times we may be unaware of why we feel a particular way. Self hypnosis by use of a hypnosis CD can be very powerful. If you are a person who prefers a β€œnatural approach” to health, why not try hypnosis?

The Law of Reversed Effect in Hypnosis: How to Use the Hypnotic Challenge

As we continue to dive deeper into the art of conversational hypnosis, we will find that there are a set of Stealth Tactics that can be used in order to bypass the critical factor in people’s minds. Stealth Tactics are used in a way that either will be unnoticed by your subject or will be too complicated for them to really grasp the objective you have in mind.

Cutting the Ties

Cutting the ties is a form of psycho-spiritual therapy that seeks to bring about liberation from many sources of false security. The therapist uses visualisation and hypnosis techniques to help people cut ties with loved ones on whom they depend for their emotional survival, and to whom they have given away their power, either at a conscious or a subconscious level.

Minimising Distractions with NLP

Distractions are quite a common problem in the busy world that many of us seem to live in these days. There’s just so much information to pay attention to. Here’s a way to minimise the distractions that interfere with living with purpose.

Black Ops Hypnosis- An Overview

Black Ops Hypnosis- how does it differ from traditional hypnosis? Black Ops or ‘Covert’ Hypnosis differs from traditional hypnosis in that if you visit a hypnotist for help with smoking, a phobia or similar, you know you are about to be hypnotised- or rather you hope you will be, and expect to be. Regular hypnosis is done in a controlled environment, with a willing participant. When using Black Ops Hypnosis, your subject will have no idea he or she is being hypnotised.

Stress, Cancer and Hypnosis – How Does Hypnosis Help?

It seems to me that using hypnosis as a way to deal with and release stress is a “no-brainer”. We can use hypnosis as a way to also help with emotional healing which is a stress reliever within itself.

The Magic Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your inner wisdom, your intuition, the mind-body interface, your guiding spirit: all these are definitions of the subconscious mind. If you learn to trust, understand, and communicate with your subconscious you can tap into wider dimensions of thought. Your subconscious mind can serve as a source of inner guidance, self-knowledge, creativity, better health, and the motivation to accomplish goals.

Hypnotizability – Do You Have It?

Hypnotizability is the ability to experience hypnotic trance, usually via self-hypnosis or under the instruction of another person, such as a hypnotherapist. As a human trait, hypnotizability seems to be normally distributed throughout the population. This means almost everyone can be hypnotized to some degree. This article discusses the psychological, social, and physiological factors that may contribute to hypnotizability.

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