๐ŸŽง Full Restoration โœค Heal While You Sleep โœค Chakra Balancing & Healing Meditation โœค Sleep Music

๐ŸŽง Full Restoration โœค Heal While You Sleep โœค Chakra Balancing & Healing Meditation โœค Sleep Music โœค Beautiful Solfeggio frequency recording by Simply Hypnotic โœค Recommend setting at low/medium volume

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Inspiration, Motivation and the Link to Hypnosis – Article Five

In this the final article of the series on the links between inspiration, motivation and hypnosis I wish to reiterate the prime purpose of the articles is to spread knowledge and a basic understanding of hypnotism, in the hope that it will become less marginalized and can be used to better effect for the benefit of everyone. To do that I feel I must point some of the dangers of misuse. Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria.

Inspiration, Motivation and the Link to Hypnosis – Article Three

As a conference speaker I am very popular with audiences connected to the pharmaceutical industry. An ability to motivate and inspire patients is one of the most important tools found in a physician’s bag. Before modern medications can be offered for sale the effectiveness of the medication is required to be measured in trials against a placebo, on inert substance with no medicinal or pharmacological qualities.

NLP Modeling – How To Acquire Any Skill or Expertise (Part 1)

If you know someone who is a better sales person, better golfer, better negotiator, better networker, better tennis player, better at social interactions, a better public speaker than you, the science of NLP can give you the tools to observe that person’s skills and make them your own. You can literally acquire that person’s skills and make them your own.

Using NLP to Maximize Your Sales Success

Much has been written about sales and sales psychology. Understanding and applying the skills and strategies from NLP to sales can turn an ordinary sales position into a proverbial gold mine.

Considering Hypnosis? Ten Most Common Comments from Clients

Many people are concerned or cautious about being hypnotized for the first time. Here are some of the most common comments I hear from my clients, to give you some idea of what the experience is like!

NLP – A Brief History

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of models of how communication impacts and is impacted by subjective experience. This is a brief history of NLP techniques.

Are There Ways to Influence People?

Are there ways to influence people? The answer is obviously yes. We exercise our influence over other people all the time.

Mind Control Tricks

Using mind control as a means to influence another person is well within our abilities if you know the proper techniques. The power of your mind is limitless in its potential, but harnessing that power is something that will take practice. We must also understand that using hypnotic suggestions, both verbally and non-verbally, can and will dramatically affect reality, as we know it.

Changing Inner Child Working Through Hypnotherapy

It comes as no secret that much of our personalities, quirks and habits come from childhood. In fact most people blame their childhood for their downfalls, shortcomings or other issues that they face in daily life. After all we learn by our experiences, the brain is compared to a sponge during the early years of life.

Relieving Test Taking Fear Through Hypnotherapy

Today the world revolves around test taking. From the elementary student to the person testing for a career license the world is inundated with testing. There is great pressure placed on young individuals as well as adults that causes stress and in some cases fear. The fear of taking a test is completely normal, but unfortunately some people experience much more than a simple passing fear. These individuals feel helpless and often have trouble concentrating on the task at hand.

Self Hypnosis Instruction

Self-hypnosis instructions should be tailored to the individual. When doing self-hypnosis make sure that you have a clear goal in mind. It can be to stop smoking or to be happier.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

So how does hypnosis work? First we need to know what hypnosis does. Hypnosis is a way to reprogram your subconscious mind to change patterns and behaviors you have programmed into your mind since birth.

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