🎧 Heal and Cleanse 7 CHAKRAS ✀ Deep Sleep Meditation ✀ Aura Cleansing & Balancing Chakra

🎧 Heal and Cleanse 7 CHAKRAS ✀ Deep Sleep Meditation ✀ Aura Cleansing & Balancing Chakra ✀ Restore Healthy Light ✀ Remove Negativity ✀ Recommend setting at low/medium volume

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Inspiration, Motivation and the Link to Hypnosis (Article Two)

Business conference speaker John Bell in a former stage hypnotist. In this the second in a series of articles on the connections between inspiration, motivation and hypnosis you will learn something of the history of hypnosis and why it is more about an understanding of human behaviour than any so called ‘special power’.

NLP Tools – Use Visualization AND Physiology to Make Instant Changes

Learn how to instantly change your state from negative to positive or from positive to super positive, by combining two powerful NLP tools: 1) visualization, and 2) changing your physiology. Your mind and body work together as one unit. Therefore when you use both sides of your being, you can create instant changes in your state.

Become a Hypnotist?

Surely hypnosis’s roots precede bugs bunny utilizing his power of persuasion over elmer fudd right? People have been debating hypnosis for several hundred years. While it is easy to see what a subject will do while under hypnosis, explaining why is much more difficult as it involves the workings of the human mind.

Self-Improvement Through The Power Of Self-Hypnosis

This article is an introduction as to how the power of true self-hypnosis can be used for self-improvement. I say true self-hypnosis as opposed to so called “self-hypnosis” which is really the use of hypnotherapy CD’s or MP3’s.

Hypnosis Facts – How You Can Use Hypnotherapy To Reach Your Goals

Hypnosis has been misunderstood for years. Does it really help? How can you find truly effective hypnotherapy for your problems? Not sure where to start? This article will guide you in considering hypnotherapy for a variety of conditions.

How To Improve Your Life Using Conversational Hypnosis

Are you tired of being constantly told what to do? Are you secretly disappointed with the outcome of your negotiations? Are you dissatisfied with the twists and turns of your personal and business relationships?

Our Daily Hypnotic Trances

Do you DRIVE? Many times we get behind the wheel and know where we started, and suddenly we are at our destination. We don’t recall how we got there or any of the events that happened along the drive. Ever had such an experience? This is a hypnotic trance.

How To Do Hypnosis – The Real Deal

Learning how to do hypnosis is nowhere near as easy as it should be. Ever since hypnosis was first developed, it has been plagued with charlatans, showmen, and tricksters who have obfuscated and hidden the simple truth and power of hypnosis in genuine healing situations. Many people even today associate hypnosis with stage trickery and simple entertainment-read on to see why this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Effects of Hypnosis on Health and Healing

Can hypnosis actually help the body heal? There have been many studies on the mind/body connection that suggest that it can actually have a profound effect on physical health.

The Benefits Of Hypnosis For Self Improvement

Hypnosis dates back to over 4000 years ago and the times of Ancient Egypt. The people had places called dream or sleep temples where the sick were healed. Priests would perform chanting which would send the sick people to sleep and whilst in that condition the person would be healed of their ailment. This, of course, was the power of suggestion at work as a healer.

Hypnosis and Indirect Suggestion

Why would one want to use indirect suggestion instead of a direct one? Discover the secret behind the most successful hypnotists.

Does Hypnosis Work? 2 Biggest Myths Debunked!

You’ve seen the stereotypical magician bring someone on stage, wave a pocket watch in front of their face, then make them cluck like a chicken. Unfortunately, this is the image most people have when they think of hypnosis.

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