🎧 Love Frequency ✤ Find Your Soulmate ✤ Open Heart Chakra ✤ 639 Hz Pure Love Energy

🎧 Love Frequency ✤ Find Your Soulmate ✤ Open Your Heart Chakra ✤ 639 Hz Pure Love Energy Meditation by Simply Hypnotic ✤ Help attract your soul mate with this beautiful solfeggio frequency recording ✤ Listen often at a low/medium volume setting

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Please enjoy some of my other popular meditations:

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Hypnosis Fees – Save 50% by Researching Local Professionals

Save big money when using local hypnotherapist. Just a little research can save you hundreds!

Discover Why You Should Quit Smoking By Hypnosis

If you smoke then you know how hard it can be to quit. But you should also know that it is very important that you do quit. Smoking will shorten your life span and affect your health in many ways. While there are many methods to help you kick the habit, one of the most popular is to quit smoking by hypnosis. Here’s an inside look at this effective method.

Mind Control Techniques – How to Spot Manipulation and Avoid Control

The usage of mind control techniques is becoming more widespread as professional hypnotists and charlatans are gaining mass appeal. With relative ease a trained illusionist can both influence and misdirect a subject, compelling them to misunderstand a situation. Understand how to identify and watch our for these manipulative tactics.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

So, how does hypnosis work? Well, the majority of people see hypnosis as a last resort to quitting smoking or losing weight. But hypnosis is actually, a dynamic and vital healing process in all aspects of mental health care. Hypnosis focuses on finding the origin of a person’s issues. Through the process of hypnosis the unconscious mind goes to the original cause, which in turn allows the person and hypnotherapist to work through the feelings around the cause. These feelings can then be healed and allow people to live their life as they want.

Is Covert Hypnosis a Bad Thing?

Covert or subliminal hypnotic messages are everywhere you look. What are the ethics? And why should you care?

Building Rapport With NLP

Key ideas on how to build better personal and professional relationships. How to develop rapport with someone using NLP techniques.

Hypnosis Plus Advertising Makes Hypnotherapy

Why is hypnotherapy so popular? Is it the act of relaxing in hypnosis, or is it something we can all learn from advertising?

A Walk Through the History of Hypnosis

The saga of hypnosis is as old as the human species. Even the most unsophisticated brutes were aware of this remarkable psychological display, and it was utilized in the mystical procedures of their miracle workers to develop anxiety and intensify faith in the paranormal and the occult. With this sustained history of supernaturalism and mysticism, it is not shocking that the overall public attitude toward hypnosis has been and still is one of antagonism, confusion and fear.

How to Program Your Subconscious Mind

Would you like to have the power to control your mind? Do you know that you can be whatever you want to become? Would you like to find out what it takes to be successful? Then you have to know something about your mind!

Discover Your True Identity With Self-Hypnosis

Do you know who you truly are? Would you like to know how to go inside your mind and discover your true identity using self-hypnosis? Then please read on because this article shows you how to do just that. Thank you.

Sports Enhancement Through Hypnosis – Get Your Head In The Game!

When it comes to playing sports, for fun or professionally, pure talent no longer is a guarantee of sports stardom and success. Focus is the key, and those that have the skills for the game and the focus to keep their head in it, will come out stars.

Introducing NLP – An Inside Look Into NLP

Living in the fast paced and highly competitive world today, it’s important to know how to get ahead in life. That’s why introducing NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, is so important. NLP can help you get that little extra edge to get ahead in life.

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