๐ŸŽง Mind and Body Rejuvenation โœค 432 Hz Remove Negative Emotions โœค Binaural Beats

๐ŸŽง Mind and Body Rejuvenation โœค 432 Hz Remove Negative Emotions โœค Binaural Beats 432 Hz frequency recording by Simply Hypnotic

When I think of the ocean and the sound of the waves I feel serenity, a sense of calm that brings both mind and body into a state of calm and togetherness. I attempted to capture these feelings on this recording and decided to add a 432 Hz frequency, as this has been long established as “the natural frequency of the universe”. – Together I hoped to develop a piece of music that brings about wonderful changes to the listener whilst promoting happiness and bliss (please let me know in the comments if this recording was of benefit to you), please enjoy and stay safe, Andre x

๐Ÿ‘‰ For best results listen often on a low/medium volume setting

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