🎧 Release Emotional Blockages ✤ LET Go of Emotional Stress ✤ Reprogram the Subconscious

🎧 Release Emotional Blockages ✤ LET Go of Emotional Stress ✤ Reprogram the Subconscious ✤ Positive Energy Booster solfeggio frequency recording by Simply Hypnotic ✤ This recording can also be used for background music and for mindful meditation and should always be listened to on a low/medium volume setting

Track Name: Release Emotional Blockages
Music By @Andre James
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Video Created by @Andre James

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Secret Therapy Stories

You came looking for Secret Therapy stories. Here is one I will share with you. After getting my NLP certification, I figured that more NLP certifications wouldn’t add one ounce of skill to my repertoire.

Giving Hypnosis a Chance to Work

I would love to believe that it’s possible to get rid of a sickness or disease through hypnosis. I would love to believe that if someone’s heart was broken by a mean-spirited ogre, she will find the strength to pick herself up and get on with life through hypnosis. I would also love to believe that I can stop smoking via hypnosis, lose weight or gain weight (depending on which side of the scale you’re standing on) through this method of healing.

Using Hypnotic Rapport in Your Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis is a deep and complicated process where the hypnotist and subject must have a wide rapport to support. When you participate in conducting a hypnotic trance your unconscious will be opened to them. Rapport is not a term generated just for use in hypnosis. It happens with everyone you come into conversational contact with.

Persuasion Hypnosis Free Course

Persuasion or covert hypnosis is one of the best skills to learn. It has helped my life immensely, in fact I recommend it to all of my friends.

Persuasion Hypnosis – The Truth on Persuasion Hypnosis

You can persuade others with hypnosis? And not get caught? Learn the truth.

Why Affirmations Don’t Work!

So what are affirmations and how can Affirmware make them always work? Affirmations are declarations of intent. They are statements designed to help you change your thinking and attitude so you can…

Stage Hypnosis Versus Hypnotherapy

Stage Hypnosis: Stage Hypnosis is a demonstration of the willingness of certain individuals to use hypnosis as an excuse to be the centre of attraction to a non-critical audience. It is also a vehicle for a proclaimed hypnotist to stroke his own ego and to give the false impression that he is all powerful and in total control of those individuals I have just described. Anyone can be a stage hypnotist, but a Hypnotherapist must have attended a Hypnotherapy Course.

How to Learn Better Study Habits Through Hypnosis

Can you imagine that studying can be fun and that learning can lead to a life-time of pure joy? It is possible to change your beliefs and experiences about studying and get turned into learning. How? Through hypnotherapy.

So What Are Covert Hypnosis Techniques?

Covert Hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that is highly effective yet gentle. Covert Hypnosis Techniques, aim to communicate at subconscious levels with or without the knowledge of the person affected. This technique though employed daily is done without the awareness of the person on whom it is being used, and also without an overpowering, conscious effort of the person who is doing it.

Conversational Hypnosis – Improve Your Life With the Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Having conversational control or learning conversational hypnosis has crossed everyone’s mind since watching Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker pull their Jedi tricks. Since we live in the real world though it would be nice if we were able to control a person and have them do what you ask.

What is Hypnotherapy?

The word hypnotherapy is based on on the term hypnosis,which is derived from the Greek word hypnos meaning ‘sleep’. The word hypnosis was invented in the 19th century by a Scottish surgeon called James Braid who sometimes used the technique of mesmerism when he was performing operations. In India, James Esdaile used it as the only anaesthetic for many operations that he carried out.

What Can Self Hypnosis Do For Me?

Have you ever wondered what self hypnosis can do for you? Find out here.

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