๐ŸŽง Remove Self Doubt | Fear and Self Sabotage | Build Self Confidence

๐ŸŽง Remove Self Doubt | Fear and Self Sabotage | Build Self Confidence | 528 Hz Solfeggio recording by Simply Hypnotic | Help bring about incredible changes to your life, help boost self esteem and stop subconscious fears.

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Depression – Practical Suggestions for Positive Change Using Hypnosis CDs

Tackling depression through your taking action. This article suggests ways of keeping a sense of proportion with the possible causes of depression and also what to do to deal with any feelings of being unable to cope.

Self Hypnosis Is a Great Tool For Accomplishing Your Goals

Self hypnosis is a great tool for goal setting as well as for accomplishing your goals whether itโ€™s weight loss, to stop smoking or whatever. But how do you know if or when your goals are reached?

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Karma from Past Lives

For centuries the advanced religions of the east and the writings and teachings of innumerable spiritual masters have taught that the patterns of suffering or fortune we experience are the direct result of the “karma” (good or evil deeds) we have accumulated in past lives.

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: How to Contact Past Life Creative Abilities

It’s possible that what we call ‘innate talents’ such as those exhibited by great composers and artists is a result of subconscious memories of abilities developed in former lives. Wouldn’t you like to know what abilities may lie untapped in your subconscious mind?

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Clearing Past Lives Trauma

One of the best known forms of Past Life Regression is working with traumatic memories from past lives. We use this method for discovering the source in the subconscious mind of an emotionalย or physical problem.

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Clearing Past Life Contracts

According to many PLR researchers, most of us maintain relationships across a number of sequential lives. Some even claim that souls travel in family groups in which ones father in one life may be a son or daughter in another.

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Clearing Preconception Contracts

Many clients come to my office wanting to know why certain patterns of suffering seem to persist in their lives despite their best efforts to be different. These could include chronic illness, relationship problems, continuing financial struggles, and many other painful personal challenges that just don’t go away.

NLP Well Formed Outcomes

Allowing your mind to have direction and find the right way forward for you is not as easy as many people think. Here, the author talks about how to form your life’s desired outcomes and how to be more and more happy as you achieve them.

Depression Symptoms and Hypnotherapy

Depression is a condition that can affect up to 20% of the population at some time in their life. Often friends, family or colleague’s advice of ‘snapping out of it’ just does not help. This article discusses the types of depression and particularly describes the possible symptoms and causes of mild depression.

Diabetes: 5 Ways Hypnosis Can Help

Diabetes is now classified as a worldwide epidemic. Blindness, kidney disease, impotence and many other illnesses are often the direct result of out-of-control or undiagnosed diabetes. Fortunately, there are several ways hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis As A Medical Tool

In 1958 the American Medical Association endorsed hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a legitimate treatment tool for pain, stress and relaxation management, weight loss, smoking cessation, childbirth, preparing for surgery, as well as overcoming fears of medical, dental and other hospital procedures.

Hypnosis: An Adjunct to Anesthesia and Surgery

Toward the end of the nineteenth century, there was no longer any question as to the reality of hypnosis, and its use in producing analgesia and anesthesia. Historically, natural or hypno-anesthesia preceded chemical anesthesia by approximately twenty-one years.

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