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Hypnosis in Childbirth – Alternative to the Epidural?

What is hypnosis and how can it be beneficial for moms in labor? Find out how it can make any mother-to-be have an easier, shorter and less complicated delivery. With hypnosis, a mother doesn’t have to worry about the discomforts of childbirth.

How to be More Creative and Enhance Your Creativity

Learn about how to overcome the barriers that hinder creativity and then learn some fundamental keys in how to be more creative as well as learning about the amazing Disney Creativity Strategy based on Walt Disney’s creative abilities.

What is Creativity?

We would all benefit from being more creative at times in our life wouldn’t we? Many of us seem to think it is beyond us or that we need to create some original idea. So what actually do we mean by being creative? Read on…

A Hypnosis CD – Getting the Most From Them

You should treat the use of a hypnosis cd just like you use a tool. In other words, any tool has the potential to do a great job as long as it is used for its intended purpose. The message here is that a tool is only useful if it is used.

Develop The Winners Edge Through Conversational Hypnosis

Oral skills necessary for survival and success, goes beyond traditional literary communications — to mastery of communications.

Can I Be Hypnotised?

Many people who consider hypnotherapy as a possible solution for their problem worry about whether or not they can be hypnotised. Hypnotherapy, however, is not just about guiding someone into an altered state. The question they should really be asking is ‘How suggestible am I?’

Alcoholism, Alcoholics – Hypnosis CD for Alcohol Abuse

Many people suffering from stress or excess worry will turn to an alcoholic drink to help calm their nerves and provide some feelings of relaxation. There is no doubt that alcohol does have a relaxing effect when taken in moderate amounts. Some people will have what they call a ‘relaxer’ at the end of their working day.

How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way with Hypnosis

Many traditional weight loss programmes leave us feeling frustrated and deprived. Noticeable results are sometimes a longtime coming and in the meantime life seems to be governed by our latest “diet”. Our lack of motivation means that with no immediate benefits to show for all our hard work we tend to just give up – until the next time!

Hypnosis and the Treatment of the Agoraphobic Eleven

Agoraphobia is more than just a fear. There are eleven contributory factors. The treatment of these factors is essential if freedom from the Fear is to be achieved for the sufferer. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to accomplish this.

Using the Language of Self-Hypnosis

Using language in the most progressive way to ensure your internal dialogue can be as amazingly powerful to you as using self-hypnosis. The author of the best selling book “The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Power of Your Unconscious Mind” tells you how.

Hypnosis, Weight Control, and The Thought That Won’t Go Away

The popularity of weight-loss ‘clubs’ and branded foods, suggests that losing weight is a little more difficult than just a simple choice to do so. One fo the problems is the difficulty of controlling and overcoming thoughts about forbidden foods. Hypnosis can be used to assist with this difficulty and make weight loss a pleasurable expreience rather than a chore.

Hypnosis for Weight Control – Why Diets Don’t Provide a Long-Term Solution

Weight loss is about much more than the food you put in your mouth. This is why diets alone don’t work. There has to be a subconscious shift in perception too. This is where hypnosis enters the picture.

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