😴 DEEPLY Relaxing and Calming Sleep Music, INSOMNIA Help, Meditation Music, Music for Meditation

😴 DEEPLY Relaxing and Calming Sleep Music, INSOMNIA Help, Meditation Music, Music for Meditation

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Why Hypnotherapy is the Ultimate Complimentary Therapy

It is my belief that hypnotherapy is the best complimentary therapy because hypnosis affects people at every level including psychological, physiological, emotional, and even spiritual. And really, only hypnotherapy has the power to do that.

Hypnosis and the Powerhouse Unconscious Mind

The study of the human mind is an extremely complex, fascinating process of discovery. Hypnosis takes us straight to that unconscious part of our mind so that we can tap into it, take from it, and apply what we’ve collected on a conscious level at some time later.

The Physical Power of Hypnosis

The proof of how powerful hypnosis can be, comes in many forms. So much so that certain practices have long since been discontinued on the basis ethics and professionalism.

Hypnosis – Mind Over Matter

The expression mind over matter refers to our mind’s ability to overcome a challenging situation. That is what self hypnosis can do. It can help you get in touch with your unconscious mind and benefit from its power.

Hypnosis Recordings vs. the Real Thing

Certainly, there are significant differences to be found when comparing self hypnosis CDs or downloads to one on one therapy, but they are just that, differences. What one individual considers a benefit may be seen as a drawback to the next person. It really comes down to each person’s natural makeup, which determines what works for them.

Hypnosis and the Unconscious vs. the Subconscious Debate

When we talk about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, we often hear the terms subconscious mind or unconscious mind. It’s become clear to me that there is some degree of confusion over the meaning of the terms, and the difference between the two. In actual fact, in the context of hypnosis, the two terms refer to precisely the same thing, it’s just a matter of which term more appropriately describes the state of being.

The Unrealistic Expectations of Hypnosis

When it comes to defining what hypnosis can and cannot do, I can only share with you what I know as fact, first hand, based on my own experience. In my opinion, if hypnosis has any limitations, they will be a direct result of unrealistic expectations.

Getting the Most Out of Self Hypnosis

For some people self hypnosis is extremely easy and requires very little effort. Some take to it like a duck to water, while other people may need to experiment a bit more to reap the wonderful benefits it can bring. This article intends to help you get the most out of self hypnosis.

Successful Self Hypnosis – Attitude is the Key

As a hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis, and witnesses its effects daily, I can say with confidence that I see no reason why anyone can’t benefit from self hypnosis to some degree. Ultimately it is your attitude which is the key to successful self hypnosis.

The Ideal Hypnotic Voice – The Vocals of Hypnosis

It’s impossible to state with certainty whether a particular vocal level or tone has more success in hypnosis. There have been no scientific studies as far as I am aware. However, I think that naturally, people are more receptive to suggestions delivered in a neutral tone, and they’re less receptive to any information delivered as a command or in an authoritarian tone.

Use Self-Hypnosis To Have An Out Of Body Experience

Learn about how you can alter your perception and have a real out of body experience using self-hypnosis with this simple step by step process that anyone can use.

Learn Hypnosis For Free

Can you really learn hypnosis for free? Surely there’s a snag? After all, nothings really for free nowadays is it?

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