😴 Sleeping Music, Calm Meditation Music , DEEP Sleep, Insomnia Help, Zen Study Music

😴 Sleeping Music, Calm Meditation Music , DEEP Sleep, Insomnia Help, Zen Study Music

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Hypnosis And Memory – Hypnosis And Forgetting

People often turn to hypnosis for help with remembering and forgetting. Some people want to recover lost memories of the past, while others want to forget something that caused emotional pain. This article examines the misunderstandings and ethical considerations about how hypnosis can be used in this manner.

Hypnotherapy For Results Or to Abdicate Responsibility?

Hypnotherapy for phobias, confidence, smoking, and weight issues is a popular choice. But is it a choice to get the result you want or a choice to abdicate responsibility? And is the latter really a choice or habit?

Hypnotherapy With Reiki

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, is one of the most popular mind therapies for a quick change. The relaxation and positive suggestions made in hypnotherapy feel good. Sometimes, we need more than talking can achieve and still want to relax and have someone else do it all for us. Sometimes Reiki can fill this gap.

Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Trance

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and trance; what is the difference? Most people would visit a hypnotherapist to give up smoking, because of a phobia, or to lose weight. Would you visit a hypnotherapist, and if so, what should you expect?

What Is Covert Hypnosis And How Does It Differ From ‘Ordinary’ Hypnosis?

If you can talk, then I can show you how to use your words to powerfully influence people with hypnosis – and they don’t even know it.

Develop a Trance Voice: A Unique Look at How Your Tonality Will Help You Learn Hypnosis

The performance art of hypnosis is a constant skill you must practice to perfect. The skills of what to do and how to do it will need to be perfected if you are to become a great hypnotist. As you have been learning the different performance principals of hypnosis you should be practicing to sharpen your skills.

3 Powerful Ways Of Secretly Bringing A Person Into A Hypnotic Trance

Whether you realize it or not, it’s very easy to get a person in a trance – without him or her ever realizing it. Here I share 3 of such powerful techniques.

Self-hypnosis to Reach Your Life Goals for Happiness

Numerous people have successfully used self hypnosis to quit smoking, to lose weight, to fight shyness, to make better choices of partners, to sleep better, to release creativity, to reach your income goals, or even to keep your every day mood balanced.

Double Your Way To A Million

In this article I want to talk briefly about beliefs and about 1 million pounds! So first let’s get on to beliefs. Beliefs are strange things that steer us in different directions. They even let us know what we are capable of and worst still – what we are not capable of. Beliefs are great things to have as long as you are in control of them.

How to Create a Powerful Foundation of Hypnotic Language to Master Your Hypnosis Training

A key tool for hypnotists is the language that they use. It is very important to understand how vital it is for you to master the language and use it as a power foundation with your subjects.

Hypnosis – the Application of Ideomotor Techniques

Finger signaling – more officially know as ideomotor techniques – reveal subconscious reasons for emotional or physical illness. Devised by the brilliant hypnotist Leslie LeCron, they are explained and elaborated on by obstetrician David Cheek in this astonishing book. Dr Cheek’s views are unusual, to say the least.

Hypnosis for Health

Do you know you can use health hypnosis as a psychological treatment for a variety of illnesses with apparent success? While hypnosis is not always capable of curing physical disease, you can successfully use it to enhance relaxation and alleviate pain and other physical discomforts, and therefore to make a positive contribution to the overall quality of your life.

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