🙏 Make A Wish ✤ 888 Hz Angel Abundance Meditation ✤ Ask the Universe and Receive

🙏 Make A Wish ✤ 888 Hz Angel Abundance Meditation ✤ Ask the Universe and Receive ✤ Beautiful Solfegio frequency recording by Simply Hypnotic layered with positive affirmations for Wealth, Health and Abundance ✤ Recommend setting at low/medium volume

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Practical Hypnotism

Hypnotism to develop our inter personal skills. It not only get us out of pain and grief but is also a great tool for our self-development and to achieve our goal as a whole. If used positively, it can transform our life…

Focus and Agreement- Hypnosis for Business

There are many and varied accounts of the practice of Erickson and his remarkably effective techniques for communicating in ways that elicited positive, productive behaviours. Common to all of them are two essentials- the ability to use respect and rapport to build agreement and the ability to build focus within that agreement. Understood in this way, Erickson’s communication should be required study for all business people.

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Stage hypnosis has certainly established its place in the world of entertainment. For the most part, this does nothing to negate, deny, or belittle the success or the reputation of clinic hypnotherapy. Without question, the two procedures are very different.

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