🙏 Zen Music for Inner Balance | Align Chakras | Raise Your Vibration | Music for DEEP Sleep

🙏 Zen Music for Inner Balance | Align Chakras | Raise Your Vibration | Music for DEEP Sleep | Use this recording to help balance your Mind, Body and Spirit and help bring about wonderful changes

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Using Free Hypnosis Scripts

Is it OK to use free hypnosis scripts? Can you trust them or should you spend a few dollars buying a script instead?

NLP – The New Metaprograms for Influence

Your customer in influenced to buy all products and services based on the result of awareness, priming, framing, their core desires, values, beliefs, mental imprints, cultural and environmental influences-pressures, opportunity, means and the final interaction of numerous metaprograms. You read about many of these metaprograms in The Psychology of Persuasion – How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking. I discovered several others over the years and wanted to share a few of the most immediately useful with you today.

Subliminal Ads

Are there subliminal ads on your computer, being shown without your knowledge? They show up and in an instant they are gone again.

Silent Subliminal Messages

If, by definition, you can’t hear a silent subliminal message then what’s the point of them? Find out why you can really hear silent subliminals – it’s not what you think.

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking – Simple, Cheap, Effective

There are many ways to quit smoking. But going cold turkey on cigarettes isn’t pleasant. You can use the power of hypnosis to help you quit. It’s cheaper than gum or patches and more effective.

Can Hypnosis Cure Phobias?

Discover whether or not hypnosis can cure your phobias. Whether you’re afraid of public speaking, water, snakes, spiders, flying or almost anything else.

Hypnotize Minds to Get What You Want

Hypnosis is a powerful tool if used properly and effectively. Whether or not you believe is up to you, I personally believe it because I have seen it used in therapy. I have seen hypnosis used to make people get over phobias and tragedies. Imagine if you could hypnotize minds, here are some things you could do!

Hypnosis and Memory

Can using hypnosis help your memory? Or are you just losing your memories as you get older?

Hypnosis and Pain Relief – How Does It Work?

Can hypnosis help with pain relief? Find out about the methods used to relieve your pain with some simple self hypnosis.

How To Have Hypnotic Body Language

Learn how to use your body hypnotically and to induce hypnosis in those that you communicate with by reading this article.

Subliminal Messages in Songs

Do the songs you listen to have subliminal messages hidden in them? Are you being silently influenced by your music?

Custom Subliminal Messages

When you can’t find the precise subliminal message you want, why not turn to a custom subliminal to get exactly what you want. It’s not as daunting as it sounds.

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