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Now you can sleep through the night without changing youtube video. Just start this video and enjoy lucid romantic dreams every night!

. Do you find your dreams sometimes give you positive directions in life? Do you want have to romance and in need of dream guidance? This is recording use a pocket watch to induce hypnosis. Eye fixation inductions were proven to be exceptionally effective with video recordings. Most people play our videos near bed time, and keep it on a playing loop over the course of the night. The recording is specifically designed to help you keep playing the file on a loop, without any introduction or waking talk. Hypnotist Julia will guide you through deep relaxation with the calming sound of her voice. She will help release all your daily stress as you sooth in a deep hypnotic sleep. You will have given instructions of having romantic dreams at night, she will activate the dreaming part of your brain and guide you to have happy romantic dreams throughout the night. She will then guide your unconscious mind to be better able to find the love of your life, as well as being more confident when you meet that person. At the end of the recording, she will give you suggestion to stay confident, stress free, happier and more focused.

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