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Doing a hypnosis demonstration for a group of college girls. More to come

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3 Girls Hypnotized

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Everyday Self-Hypnosis – How to Use Your Daily Routine to Change Your Life

You can use self hypnosis in a different way each day to create powerful change. Here’s how: taking advantage of your everyday tasks and chores, applying applied psychology symbols to each of them and using the techniques of self hypnosis to create a new matrix of possibilities for you!

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Still struggling with your weight? You really don’t have to. Give yourself every advantage by investigating hypnosis and weight loss programs.

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If you are a high achiever and want to use the power of conversational hypnosis for yourself, then this article is for you. It will unlock the treasure chest of persuasive communication for you. The possibilities are unlimited once you master conversational hypnosis.

Conversational Hypnosis – How to Manipulate

If you want to learn how to manipulate other people, then this article is for you. And even if you do not want to learn how to manipulate other people, then this article is for you too. I would even say that if you don’t like manipulation, because you think it’s not the right thing to do, it’s even more important to read this article right now, because you need to learn to protect yourself against it. So let’s get started.

Hypnosis Crash Course – How to Hypnotize People With NYC Prime Hypnosis (Part 2)

Here is part 2, so to makes sure the readers can learn to hypnotize someone, I will add a brief description of the first steps to hypnotize someone. EYES, ARM, NUMBERS. So to review part 1, you get your subject to stare at an object about 20 degrees above their line of sight. Then when they start to blink you tell them to close their eyes and you place you palm closer to their face for them to follow. Then you ask them to open their eyes ONLY on the count of 3 and NOT before then. You ask them to close their eyes and wave your open palm in front of their face a few inches away from their eyes. Make sure they are following your suggestions and following the movement of your open palm. Repeat open/close eyes 3 times. Now on to the next steps to hypnotize someone. Now you are going to learn the powerful secrets of hypnotic communication where you get the subject to momentarily forget the numbers and so create a deeper mental relaxation to attain what Dave Elman called somnambulism or what I call, prime hypnosis. Now onto the next steps.

I Quit Smoking by Hypnosis – Can You?

If you have ever been a smoker, then you know how hard it is to quit. Even with all the stop smoking products out there it is still a big personal struggle to quit the smoking habit. It is less of a struggle when you quit smoking by hypnosis.

The Narcissist in the Sauna

Occasionally on my continuing journey into greater self awareness I come upon a little ‘nugget’ of an experience that while small on the surface hints at a much larger idea if pursued deeper. My latest ‘nugget’ occurred in a place no more mundane than my gym’s sauna where I was able to ‘pick out’ those fellow gym members who were more self absorbed and narcissistic and compare them to others who were on the other extreme of courteous and empathic.

8 Tips For Brilliant Hypnosis Sessions For Hypnosis Professionals

Here are some tips and pointers I’ve gathered along the way. Some of them were given to me by ingenious people. Others I’ve developed myself. Take a good look at them and see if you get the feeling, “Yes! This is just what I need.” Here are some additions to your tool box that can make a big difference in the lives of others.

The Plain Truth About Hypnosis

Hypnotism is a word we have all heard time and again. Yet, most people have no real idea what hypnotism really is. In essence, hypnotism is a state of mind that results from an intense focus on one object or idea to the exclusion of all else around you.

Hypnosis Can Help Change Who You Are Into Who You Want to Be

Your subconscious mind is the one that controls your habits, behaviors and underlying beliefs. By changing theses beliefs through Hypnosis, you change who you are. You can become the person you want to become.

Exercise and Weight Loss With NLP

Most people would agree the hardest muscle to get into shape is the one ‘between the ears.’ So, think of something you are extremely motivated to do and you will find that you just start doing it. This proves that you do have motivation – the key is to re-direct it towards your fitness goals.

Achieving Your Objectives With Hypnotherapy

Most of us have goals and objectives for our lives. This is what keeps us motivated and alive. When you feel strongly about achieving something, you’re going to put in the time required to make it happen. But what if you could get a little help along the way? Maybe hypnotherapy is what you need to give you the edge you need.

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