5 Minute power nap hypnosis with Hypnotist Lauren. ASMR Instant Relaxation. Feeling like superman!

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Need a power nap? Enjoy this 10 minutes full relaxation hypnosis video for sleep with wakening instructions. Wake up feeling like you have been sleeping for 8 hours. Set an alarm clock just in case you went too deep.

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Absolutely Prophetic

The power to inspire millions – the great religious teachers have that, but they don’t hold the monopoly. Here’s a secular alternative.

How to Accidentally Found a Secular Religion

Many folks have failed to create a secular alternative to religion. What they don’t see is someone accidentally did that already.

Call It a Repeatable Miracle… Or Hypnosis

Who teaches these nomads how to enter one of the deepest hypnotic states you can? No one even has to.

Why Trances Aren’t Religious Experiences

Feel like a controversial exploration of the link between all religions and hypnosis? Too bad, because you got one.

Inventing Therapies As You Need Them

Sometimes, a genius emerges who completely redefines a field (and plenty outside it, too). Here’s the story of hypnosis’ superstar.

Rise of the Anti-Freud

Freud’s idea of the subconscious mind was a dark and nefarious place. No wonder I back the opposite interpretation.

The Real Reason Stage Hypnotists Are Larger Than Life

Nothing a stage hypnotist does is just for entertainment’s sake. While you think they’re warming up the crowd, they’re actually hypnotising you.

Hypnosis Begins Before the Hypnosis Begins

Stage hypnosis routines look dramatic and simple – maybe even too simple. Can you really hypnotise anyone with just a word?

Trivialise to Advertise

Does stage hypnosis belittle, degrade or trivialise hypnotherapy? Maybe… but if you think that’s bad, you’re not thinking of the big picture.

The Dawn of Drug-Free Surgery

It sounds like a modern miracle – a drug-free procedure that allows for pain-free surgery. It is, only it was perfected in the 1840s.

The Open-Minded Scotsman Who Fathered Hypnosis

What happens when something works… but everyone is wrong on how? Sometimes, it sets the field back until someone sets it right.

Be the Hypnotist and the Subject

Can you really hypnotise yourself? How does that work. Is all hypnosis actually self-hypnosis? Do these questions even matter?

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