528 Hz ✤ Energy CLEANSE ✤ Heal Negative Energies ✤ Heal and Balance Chakras

528 Hz ✤ Energy CLEANSE ✤ Heal Negative Energies ✤ Heal and Balance Chakras ✤ Healing Sleep Music – Recommend setting at low/medium volume

Track Name: Energy CLEANSE
Music by: Andre James
Image Thumbnail by: Shutterstock
Video Created by @Andre James

► The Science and Research: How listening to different frequencies can affect the brain during meditation 👉 http://bit.ly/3bJjsNV


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► Equipment Used

👉 Roli Seaboard Rise

👉 Korg Minlogue XD

👉 Arturia Keylab 61 mkII

► Software Used

👉 FL Studio

👉 Omnisphere 2

👉 Pigments 2

👉 Equator 2

👉 Cyberlink Director


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