7 Ways to Heal Your Sacral Chakra For Motivation and Energy

There are simple ways to bring your Sacral Chakra back into balance if you find your energy blocked.

1. Eat to Nourish your Sacral Chakra
2. Crystal Healing
3. Deep Belly Breathing
4. Yoga poses
5. Meditation
6. Affirmations
7. Creative Work

Learn Hypnotism to Grow and Succeed!

Learn about techniques and strategies of hypnosis and the tremendous impact they can have on you and your life. This article will explain different hypnotism techniques and strategies that can be used to influence and alter lives.

How Do I Hypnotize Someone Covertly – 3 Simple Steps

Learn how to hypnotize someone covertly and the tremendous impact this skill can have on you and your life. This article explains in 3 simple steps how you can hypnotize someone discreetly and make positive suggestions.

Top Ten Common Mis-Conceptions About Hypnosis

In my experience Hypnotherapy or hypnotism is one of the most effective and proven ways to make real positive life changes in your life, but some people are wary of it often due to misleading representations in fictional movies. Here’s my top ten myths debunked on hypnosis. 1. Under hypnosis you are under complete control of the hypnotist.

Using Mind Control For Good

Most people think about mind control as something evil and malicious. But in this article, I want to talk about the fine art of using mind control for good. Mind control is simply a tool, and as such, it is neither good nor bad. Whether it is good or bad is something that is determined by how you make use of it.

What Is Mind Control?

Mind control really is not the thing that most people think it is. It is nothing out of the ordinary, mystical or secretive. Rather, is just something that everyone of us does every single day – although in a much more systematized, effective and powerful way. It has been around for thousands of years, and with modern scientific advances is an extremely fast developing field of research.

Mind Control – A Balanced Overview

There are many arguments being held about mind control. A lot of people think that it is bad, an invention of the devil. Others are eager to learn more about it for various reasons. Some people think that it doesn’t exist at all. And others think that mind control is essentially modern magic, as if it would give you superpowers. Of course, as so often is the case, the truth lies somewhere in between. This article aims to give you a balanced overview on the subject.

How To Learn Hypnosis The Right Way

You will discover what it takes and how to learn hypnosis properly. The most important things you must know so you can find out how to learn hypnosis for your health and well being.

Hypnosis Trance Can Help Cure The Burdens Of Many Peoples Lives

Many people are unaware of the benefits that hypnosis can provide them. However, there are many things in any individual that hypnosis can cure, provided that the person is open to the idea of being put under a hypnosis trance. Things such as addiction to cigarette smoking, fear of flying or other phobias and weight management are all things that can be controlled by hypnosis.

How To Hypnotize – 4 Steps To Tear Down Low Self Esteem (Self Hypnosis)

You might find it nonsense or stale because you already read these things somewhere and they just really hard to do. It won’t work if you just forcing your self to do it. The only think to make these easier is make the steps flowing easily in your life and unconsciously doing it in the real life. How is that? The only answer is self hypnosis.

Learn How to Hypnotize – Hypnosis Made Real

What’s the best way to hypnotize someone? Is hypnosis difficult to learn or can anyone do it? If your serious about it, where should you start?

Introducing NLP – Develop The Confidence In You Now!

Prior to taking up any task, we need to take some moment and ask to our self as to which area we feel confident. This will help us in identifying the true side of us. If you feel you aren’t able to do that, then I recommend you to try introducing NLP.

Why Do You Want To Hypnotize Girls?

There are lots of men out there who are able to hypnotize girls. Why do they want to hypnotize us and should we be worried about it?

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