A Huge Boost of Aquarian Energy and A New Moon Full of Beginnings

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th at 23 degrees marks a huge shift in momentum, the beginning of a new cycle – The Capricorn New Moon cycle ends, and the Aquarius New Moon cycle begins.

What this means is that the New Moon is really going to show us what this new Aquarian energy is all about!


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The Rookie Mistakes That Hypnotists Make (and How to Avoid Them)

New Hypnotists may be nervous working with clients and may even make mistakes that can affect the outcome for the client. Here are some typical mistakes that many rookie hypnotists make.

What Is NLP and Its Benefits?

This article gives a deeper understanding of what NLP means. How it came to be? Who coined the word NLP? What benefits it can give to people who engage in it either as a practitioner or a trainer?

Hypnotherapy Then and Now

What makes hypnotherapy different from then and now? Is it really effective and what is its current state?

Maximise Your Influence

In his book, ‘Human Motivation,’ the researcher David McClelland identified three main types of motivation: Achievement Motivation; Affiliate Motivation and Power Motivation. With my NLP/LAB Profile hat on, I’d say we’re probably motivated by different things in different contexts.

The Games Coaches Play

Like all other humans, coaches are creatures of habit. We think, we do, we live, we coach, we change lives. But how do we do what we do? And if we don’t know what we’re doing that is working, how can we keep doing it? And how can we stop doing those things that are not working? Find out how NLP can help…

The Myths Vs Truth About Stage Hypnosis

There are a lot of myths out there about hypnosis. This article aims to dispel some of them and shine a light on where some of the myths come from.

The Ship Of State (How A State Of Mind Travels From Negative To Positive)

Mind power, massed mind power is what all movements and major transitions in life and existence come down to. Yet, how much credit do we give this sort of simple energy? Not too much.

Deep Thinking Before Deep Leaping

You must do some very deep thinking before you do very deep leaping. With that, I begin this article. For years, I have been practicing autosuggestion and self-hypnosis, and in a peculiar way, I have been thinking of this rational, but weirdly obvious principle. To do some deep leaping in life, you must prepare with a lot of deep thinking.

Recognizing the Power of Conversational Hypnosis in Relationships

There is a significant misconception that hypnotism is very blatant and results in subjects either telling the truth about certain matters or acting like a chicken or a dog, to name a few animals. People frequently state that they will never agree to be hypnotized because it would be embarrassing. Others would submit to it for something helpful, such as weight loss or remembering something vital. What many fail to realize is that there is discreet hypnosis going on, around or to them. The power of conversational hypnosis in relationships is quite impressive and yet, few realize it even exits.

The Possibility of Hypnotized Slaves

One thing that needs to be cleared off of the table before any more can be said about the possibility of hypnotizing a person to become a slave is the nature of hypnosis itself. Unlike the mistaken assumption of many people, hypnosis is not a state in which people are drowsy or unaware. Instead, it is the exact opposite, a state of hyper awareness in which you are more likely to accept or deny things at a more fundamental, subconscious level than you would be able to during your waking state. As a result, any chances of you trying to hypnotize a person can only be done once you truly understand the motives of the person in front of you.

Another Point of View

How different would our approach be if we ALL subscribed to the notion of past lives? Past Life Regression changes you; it makes you greet the world with deeper understanding.

Have You Lived Before This Life?

What does it mean when you met someone and feel as though you’ve known them all your life? Is it possible that we’re connected throughout many lifetimes and we’re just exiting the stage and reappearing for yet another encore, like an actor in a play?

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