Anxiety Cleanse ✤ Calm and Clear Your Mind ✤ STOP Fear and Overthinking

Anxiety Cleanse ✤ Calm and Clear Your Mind ✤ STOP Fear and Overthinking Binaural Beat recording by Simply Hypnotic ✤ Relax and allow the beautiful healing energies to wash over you and bring about wonderful changes to the Mind, Body and Spirt 👉 This recording can also be used for background music and for mindful meditation and should always be listened to on a low/medium volume setting

Track Name: Anxiety Cleanse
Music by: Andre James
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Video Created by @Andre James

► The Science and Research: How listening to different frequencies can affect the brain during meditation 👉


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👉 Roli Seaboard Rise

👉 Korg Minlogue XD

👉 Arturia Keylab 61 mkII

► Software Used

👉 FL Studio

👉 Omnisphere 2

👉 Pigments 2

👉 Equator 2

👉 Cyberlink Director


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Why Should You Learn Hypnosis

There are all kinds of stereotypes that exist about hypnosis. We often get ideas of swinging pocket watches, people acting foolish and doing things they would never do. Hypnosis is only a state of intense concentration. Hypnosis should only be learned to help improve the wellness of others.

Learn Hypnosis Techniques – Use Hypnosis in Everyday Regular Conversation

Hypnosis is a very powerful thing and is often very misunderstood. It has a lot of very beneficial sides to it and can be used to help people with giving up smoking and getting over fears they have had for a number of years. There are also different styles of hypnosis that can be used for different things.

The Art of Covert Hypnosis Can Create Amazing Changes in Your Life

What would it be like if everything always went your way? If you could always have the advantage or, “one up” on others, what if I told you there were simple techniques that you could learn that would enable you to dramatically increase your sales, seduce any women and navigate your way through life easily and effortlessly. Well the art of covert hypnosis can do all this and more.

The Structure of Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is a term used to describe a kind of hypnosis that is induced by words and by body language. Conversational Hypnosis is in essence an indirect form of hypnosis that induced by speaking and acting in a certain way.

NLP Technique For Positive Thinking

How about if I let you in on a little secret body position that ALL people naturally use when they experience victory. A simple gesture you can use when your frustrated and down on yourself. Or when you have negative internal dialog just ruining your day.

The Power of Suggestion

Everyone could use some self improvement techniques, and self hypnosis could be your answer to these previously unanswereable questions. Self hypnosis downloads are a way for anyone to utilize the benefits of a great hypnosis session even without the presence of a hypnotherapist.

Overcoming Chaos in Your Life (Part 2)

What does chaos mean in your life? Read more to find out how to overcome it in your life.

Easily Hypnotize People With This Nlp Covert Hypnosis Tutorial – Part 6, Ambiguity

Today in this Nlp covert hypnosis tutorial I want to talk about ambiguity and how it can be used in hypnotic language. Ambiguity is when a word, phrase, sentence or some other kind of communication can be interpreted in more than one way.

Using Persuasion Techniques to Get a Commitment

In order for you to be really successful, you have to know how to positively influence others. It’s no different when it comes to getting what you want in your relationship. Persuasion is not about force, it is more about seduction. Romance is a subtle dance and if you don’t know how to dance well, you won’t get what you want.

Hypnotic Words Belong in the 19th Century

One thing that you need to know about hypnotism and hypnotic words is that they mental technology behind this actually is quite old and pales in comparison when placed against much more modern technology that is around in the world today that can help you to actually be a much more better person. All the problems in your mind can be gone if you just applied much of this mental self improvement technology on yourself, and this is the kind of thing that you can be looking forward to when you are trying to either get rid of a sort of phobia or even a character defect in your human behaviour system.

Mind Control Programming in the Palm of Your Hands

In the age old methodology of trying to actually programme someone’s mind, or even your own, what you can do is to actually use the current technology that is available on the net, and help you actually initiate the mind control programming techniques that would help you become a much better person. For one thing, the personal development industry has been researching for a long time to actually try and find a new way to make sure that everyone in the world today has the ability to be able to change some of the things about their mental and psychological psyche.

Subliminal Learning – Can it Be Effective?

Subliminal learning is a technique of learning through which things are learnt without the need for any application of concentration or thought. It works through stimulating those areas of the brain which control vision and hearing on a subconscious level.

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