Anxiety Cleanse ✤ STOP Fear and Overthinking✤ Calm and Clear Your Mind

Anxiety Cleanse ✤ STOP Fear and Overthinking ✤ Calm and Clear Your Mind Binaural Beat recording by Simply Hypnotic ✤ Relax and allow the beautiful healing energies to wash over you and bring about wonderful changes to the Mind, Body and Spirt 👉 This recording can also be used for background music and for mindful meditation and should always be listened to on a low/medium volume setting

Track Name: Anxiety Cleanse
Music by: Andre James
Image Thumbnail by: Shutterstock
Video Created by @Andre James

► The Science and Research: How listening to different frequencies can affect the brain during meditation 👉


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👉 Roli Seaboard Rise

👉 Korg Minlogue XD

👉 Arturia Keylab 61 mkII

► Software Used

👉 FL Studio

👉 Omnisphere 2

👉 Pigments 2

👉 Equator 2

👉 Cyberlink Director


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Self-hypnosis explains different easy ways to communicate with the subconscious mind. First of all, stretch out comfortably on your bed or sit in a comfortable armchair. Then concentrate on one single point: either above you (the ceiling) if you are lying down, or in front of you if you are sitting.

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