Ashley hypnotized her girlfriends over and over again. Pocket Watch hypnosis induction ASMR

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Ashley hypnotized her girlfriends over and over again. Excerpt from a longer video where Ashley hypnotized her friends for real and made them do stage hypnosis tricks.

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What Isn’t Hypnosis Is a Tiny, Tiny List

Folks who think hypnosis isn’t real don’t realise how often they enter hypnotic trances. Most of you have entered one by the time you finish this sentence.

Why Professor X Isn’t President X

Apart from its unfranchisable nature, why isn’t the Ruins version of Charles Xavier the main one? Because of the way hypnosis works.

The Superintelligence Who Controls Your Destiny

Are you on a dark path? Do you keep making bad decisions? If it seems like your fate is out of your hands, here’s how to re-educate it.

Free Will Isn’t Free

Do you have the song from Team America stuck in your head now? Given how automatic that was, how much free will do you think you really have?

If You’re Reading This, You’ve Been Hypnotised Before

Hypnosis is a universal experience. How do I know? Because of all the things you know that you haven’t seen and weren’t taught.

Maps, Menus and All That Jazz

You might have heard this idea before. You might even agree with it. But one of the better side effects of experiencing hypnosis is really grokking it.

My Unfiltered and Uncensored Hypnosis Definition

I’ve written a lot about hypnosis definitions and all the problems they have. This one is no less problematic, yet it’s so much better.

The Art of Scientifically Measuring Trance

How do we know hypnosis is real? Part of it is it changes your brain, in real time, in amazing and powerful ways. Here’s how.

The Hypnosis Definition That’s Almost Useful

This definition is so simple, it’s hard to argue against it. Yet that seeming simplicity hides all manner of complex hypnosis questions.

Bugs or Features in Your Body’s Operating System

Sometimes your muscles do something you didn’t want them to do. They can freeze, clench, relax and stay comfortable under a strain. Here’s how to use that.

Hypnotic Inductions Don’t Need to Work to Work

Learning hypnotic inductions is a great way to build your skills. Just remember, there’s always the subtext: “and the opposite will work too”.

How Much of Psychology Is All in Your Head?

There’s a theory of hypnosis that says it’s all in your head… and it’s all too real. Here’s the case for and against this contradiction.

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