ASMR Battle! Bethany VS Raven – softly spoken hypnosis for sleep with 3D sound

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Use your headphone!
Welcome to our new, never been done before series, “ASMR Battle”. Using 3D sound technology, you will enjoy one female hypnotist whispers into one of your ears, an another female hypnotist entrances into to your other ears. It will feel as if you have two beautiful hypnotists on either side of you, taking you deep into hypnosis with their own soothing voice. If you are able to stay awake after this powerful induction, write down in the comment section which hypnotist takes you deeper into trance!

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Covert hypnosis, commonly referred to as conversational hypnosis, is known as the ability to communicate with another person’s subconscious without them being aware that you are doing so. The purpose of this type of hypnosis is to change the persons intended behavior or reactions.

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Hypnosis For Relaxation

What do you think of when you hear the word “hypnosis”? A hypnotist swinging a pocket watch in front of the unsuspecting victims eyes telling her that her eyelids are getting heavy? Or maybe you think about a hypnotized person making a fool of himself cackling like a chicken on stage? Modern hypnosis as we know it probably started with Franz Anton Mesmer (Mesmerism) in the 1700s. In the 1800s, James Braid, a surgeon and physician, coined the phrase “hypnotism”. Far more than just a “parlor game” or comedy routine, hypnosis has a variety of benefits. One of the most common reasons people pursue hypnosis is for relaxation. But does it work?

Does Hypnosis Work With Motivation?

Does hypnosis work with motivation? I know it does… I could be a lazy so and so. I found it hard to do anything without some kind of incentive, e.g. tidying up my flat could only be done if my mum, my brother or a lady friend was coming round.

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