ASMR Battle! Oxanna VS Amy – Whispering Hypnosis for sleep with 3D sound

Which hypnotist is more powerful in your opinion? Support your favorite hypnotist by telling us in the comment section below! #hypnosis #ASMR #insomnia
Use your headphone!
Welcome to our new, never been done before series, “ASMR Battle”. Using 3D sound technology, you will enjoy one female hypnotist whispers into one of your ears, an another female hypnotist entrances into to your other ears. It will feel as if you have two beautiful hypnotists on either side of you, taking you deep into hypnosis with their own soothing voice. If you are able to stay awake after this powerful induction, write down in the comment section which hypnotist takes you deeper into trance!

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Conversational hypnosis is a technique that is not easily mastered. If you don’t know the secrets behind it, you will most likely fail when you try it. The reason it is so difficult is because when you are trying to induce your subject into the trance state, they will often resist you if you make your motives too clear.

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