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Hypnotist Maggie is back for a new video hypnosis session. We are working a series of new hypnosis videos, featuring therapeutic roleplay, ASMR and deep hypnosis. In this session, Maggie plays your concerned roommate with hypnosis skills. You have you been working non stop for your gradute thesis, on top of that, your new job is stressing you out. You haven’t slept for days and your roommate knows it. Maggie saw that you are really stressed about your life, and offers to hypnotize you to help alleviate your stress, to clear the clutter in your mind, makes you feel more confident, more focus at school, and to make you a better person, plus to have some fun with your subconscious mind. At the end she puts you into a deep sleep so you can wake up fresh the next day.

This is the full session video!

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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking For Good

In this article we are going to look at hypnosis as a tool that can help people stop smoking. If you’re a smoker yourself, you know how hard it is to stop smoking. At least if you ever attempted to do it. And if you have witnessed other people trying to give up that nasty habit, you know that those cigarettes really have smokers by the balls.

Why You Need to Learn Conversational Hypnosis

When people think of hypnosis, they imagine a watch swinging on a chain that puts the subject into a trance. Or one of the Las Vegas style acts where high profile performers hypnotize groups of people and have them barking like dogs or playing air guitars.

Conversational Hypnosis – Hypnotize Anyone

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize other people and command them? Do you want to discover why hypnosis is such a powerful tool of mind control, and how you can use it to your advantage? If so, read on.

Reframing the Mind Through Conversational Hypnosis

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski, a rebel psychiatrist became quite popular recently and it continues to win fans all over the world. What it does is it unleashes the natural ability that you have to make people be of the same mind with you.

Conversational Hypnosis EBook – A Factual Review

A lot of people think that anything that involves hypnosis is illegal. However, the process of hypnosis is actually more than what we perceive as putting a person into a trance and swinging a chain.

Conversational Hypnosis Course – What Are the Features and Benefits?

If you happen to be a salesman, you probably know just how hard it is to land on big sales. It takes a lot of convincing powers and effort to get people to believe in the features of your product.

Conversational Hypnosis – Dominate Others

This article is going to look at something that is a little bit taboo in our society. Yet, it pervades every aspect of our lives. I’m talking about our social status when we interact with other people. Many people think and say that nowadays, being concerned about status silly and childish. But to pretend as if social status doesn’t matter is foolish – so find out how to recognize what the social status of others is and how you can up your own.

Become a Hypnotist

In today’s economy jobs aren’t safe anymore. There are mass-layoffs in pretty much every industry out there. But that doesn’t have to scare you, quite the contrary is true. If you master conversational hypnosis, your career choices are unlimited. In this article, you will discover what it takes to be a professional hypnotist, and what options are available to you – not just to make a living, but to actually build wealth and achieve financial independence and freedom.

Conversational Hypnosis – Too Good to Be True?

Maybe you heard the claims about what you can do with conversational hypnosis, or covert hypnosis, or black-ops hypnosis. Some people, especially those who are selling some course on conversational hypnosis, will tell you that you can pretty much do anything once you have mastered conversational hypnosis. You can get a higher salary, you can get every girl or man that you desire, I guess if you want you can also become president or fly without wings. In this article we want to look at what conversational hypnosis really can do for you, and we’re gonna clear away the fog that surrounds this topic. Be prepared to be shocked and amused!

Conversational Hypnosis – How Does it Really Work?

Those who are avid fans of Star Wars will distinctly remember the way that Obi Wan Kenobi gazes into the eyes of a sentinel and easily convinces him that the people standing in front of him are not the renegades he is looking for. Many people desire to have this ability in real life. Through conversational hypnosis, this is possible.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – The Ultimate Method of Top Achievers

Neuro-linguistic programming has been used by thousands of people across the globe to empower their lives. NLP is the easiest way to learn techniques that have been modeled after some of the world’s top achievers. Learn how you can take control of your life, generate more business and enhance your health using NLP.

How Does Black Ops Hypnosis Differ From Other Hypnosis?

If you were to pay a visit to a traditional hypnosis to find relief from a phobia or to try and quit smoking, they would use more traditional methods of hypnosis. With Black Ops Hypnosis you don’t have to visit a hypnotists’ office and be willing to undergo treatment in a controlled environment.

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