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We are working a series of new hypnosis videos, featuring therapeutic roleplay, ASMR and deep hypnosis. Introducing the beautiful hypnotist Alicia. In this session, Hypnotist Alicia plays a popular a nerdy student with hypnosis skills and you as her science teacher. She is working on a new science fair project, and she wonders if she could do an experiment on hypnosis. She noticed you are over worked and slept deprived, so she decides to use hypnosis on you. She gives you loving attention, listen to your problems, and offer sympathy for all the work challenges you are experiencing as a science teacher. After putting you under with a visual fixation induction, she hypnotize you to alleviate your professional stress, to clear the clutter in your mind, makes you feel more confident, more focus at work, become a great teacher with winning confidence, and to make you a better person with healthy habits, plus to have some fun with your subconscious mind. At the end she made you a great at your job with a desire to be hypnotized by her over and over again.

This is a preview video, full session coming soon, stay tuned!

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NLP Technique – How to Feel Great on Purpose

What is the best feeling you can ever imagine having? Imagine being able to experience that whenever you wanted. What difference would it make to you life if, instead of getting stressed about stuff, you were able to access a deeper feeling of positivity, right there, in that moment? Follow this wonderful NLP technique to find out how you can.

Hypnosis Induction – So What is a Hypnosis Induction?

Hypnosis induction is an art to alter the brain and the behavior of some other individual. There exist 2 main types of hypnotic induction – the concealed and an open one.

Covert Hypnosis – What Exactly is Covert Hypnosis?

Covert hypnosis is a real wonder. It is in fact the most powerful form of hypnosis. The difference between the covert hypnosis and the “open hypnosis” is that the person, while being under the influence of the covert hypnosis does not have any idea that she or he is being hypnotized at that time.

How to Hypnotize Someone – The Art of Covert Hypnosis For Effective Communication

In the current challenging economic environment, many businesses are finding it hard to stay a float. Many have to resort to firing staffs just to make ends meet. At the present time, the role of the sales personnel is even more important. With limited resources, sales people have to use all of their skills to communicate the benefits of their products or services to the prospect effectively. Because of that need, many sales professional are trying to improve their communication skill through using verbal hypnosis. How do we hypnotize someone with our words? This article will provide some information on the subject.

How to Hypnotize People – Tips on Learning How to Hypnotize People

To gain the skill of how to hypnotize people, we first have to get the grasp of what hypnosis really is. Hypnosis is an artificially induced state, in which a person’s thinking and behavior may be altered by another person – the hypnotist. The hypnotized person may know or not know about what is happening.

Conversational Hypnosis – The Power of Conversational Hypnosis For a Better Life

Of all the tools at our disposal for bettering ourselves in all the ways we can, what could ever be more powerful than language and conversation? Through conversation you can direct the attention of others toward whatever you like. This in turn can effect your life in the direction you have chosen.

Mind Over Matter – Manifesting Your Dreams

It is very important for us, who want to be conscious manifesters, to become exquisitely aware of what we focus on, consciously and unconsciously, and how to directly engage our thoughts, words and actions so that we are more productively working towards creating our heart’s desires. These simple steps will help you become more conscious and more directly involved in manifesting your goals and dreams.

Is There Really a Dark Side of Hypnosis?

Everyone has heard the great tales of the dark side of hypnosis, stories of suspense, killing, heartbreak or cold hearted revenge. This stuff entertains us all in the modern world.The dark side of hypnosis often spoke about in books, films and TV. Can there really be a dark side of hypnosis? Read on…

Learn Verbal Hypnosis – Your Arsenal For Effective Communication

For someone looking to improve his communication skill, one solution is to learn verbal hypnosis. Verbal hypnosis or conversational hypnosis is a skill anyone can acquire to achieve desirable results from a conversation. Verbal hypnosis is consists of a multiple combination of rapport building, suggestion, body movement, facial expressions and the tonality of our voice.

Easily Discover the Powerful Secret to Magnetically Pull People Into Your World

I was reading an article in the paper the other day about a small town in the Midwest that experienced a very strange phenomenon. One fine day during the summer, or perhaps the spring, it started raining frogs. It happened in the fifties, and it was a small town, so there is absolutely no evidence that this actually took place. Some say it was a hoax.

Binge Drinking Effects – Self-Hypnosis to Stop Drinking

As against the normal regular drinking habits, binge drinking is a more serious problem. There are advocates for regular one or two drinks a day which may be good for your health, but they say that binge drinking effects are rather harmful than good. You continue with your cyclic overindulging in drinking, then sober for a few days and start your cycle again and this routine continues. As you drink more and more, your body tries to readjust with your excessive drinking. However, a time comes when your body fails to perform this function.

Learn Conversational Hypnosis – Get What You Want From Effective Communication

In the current challenging economic environment, many people are finding it hard to make ends meet at the end of the month. This is especially true for those in the sales position. Everyday, many sales persons are losing business because they are unable to communicate the benefits of their product or services effectively. How would anyone improve his verbal communication skills? One solution is to learn conversational hypnosis.

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