ASMR softly spoken hypnosis for sleep with Rachel and Emily, pocket watch for resisting subjects.

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Whispering ASMR Hypnosis Playlist

Enjoy this “hypnosis for sleep” video by Hypnotist Rachel and Emily, this pocket watch induction to sleep is design to take people into deep sleep. It is impossible to stay awake and watch the pocket watch for the entire hour without dropping under hypnosis. this session is designed for people who have difficulty getting in hypnosis. It will help you fall asleep and stay sound asleep for the entire night.

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#ASMR Sleep hypnosis for resistant subjects – Very deep trance for insomnia #hypnosis #NLP #trance #insomnia

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Hypnosis is “a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.”[1] According to “state theory”, it is a mental state, while, according to “non-state theory”, it is imaginative role-enactment.[2][3][4]
While under this state of mind, one’s focus and concentration is heightened. This individual is able to concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out all possible sources of distractioninstructions and suggestions.[6] Hypnotic suggestions may be delivered by a hypnotist in the presence of the subject, or may be self-administered (“self-suggestion” or “autosuggestion”). The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy”, while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as “stage hypnosis”.

Hypnotism Techniques To Get You Started And Fascinated

Hypnosis as a tool is much more readily available today and can easily be used by anyone with a fascination and investigative mind. Let me give you a hypnosis technique to start, so you can satisfy your fascination immediately. I’ll share with you a way to enter the hypnotic state, and see for yourself how it feels to be in a hypnotic trance. Want a little secret? I knew you did! Here it comes…

What Is Hypnosis? A Look At The Different Views On Hypnosis

The fact that hypnosis works is not debatable. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of hypnosis to treat or assist in treating maladies, people have gone through surgery under hypnosis and felt no pain, and studies constantly find that hypnosis is not only an effective way to recover from a serious condition but is also cheaper than using pain medication. But what exactly is hypnosis? In this article I look at hypnosis from a perspective most hypnotists don’t… a critical one.

Weight Loss Hypnosis: Pros and Cons of Lap Band Hypnosis or Gastric Bypass Hypnosis for Weight Loss

If you are over weight or know someone who is then you probably already heard about Lap Band Surgery or Gastric Bypass surgery. You most likely have also heard of people using Hypnosis to control their eating and to get more exercise.

Astral Projection Hypnosis

Astral projection is a state in which you spirits move away from your physical body. Your soul travels in some other world filled with demons, angels and non material things. Astral projection can be learnt by hard work, information gathering and can be mastered by practice. Astral projection can be learnt by different techniques like astral projection binaural beats, astral projection hypnosis etc. All these techniques will help you get into astral projection.

NLP Anchors – Brain Entrainment

An NLP anchor is a symbolic action, either auditory, visual or kinesthetic, which has been previously linked to a certain state of mind. The technique of creating NLP anchors, although very simple, is incredibly effective at making these states available to you whenever you need them. The following example will take you through a step by step process of how to create a kinesthetic anchor which triggers a calm but powerful state of mind.

Major Benefits of Using Hypnosis in Daily Life

Majority of people do not know the benefits of hypnosis in our daily life. Now in 21st century some people still believe that it is a sort of magic performed by the magicians limited only to the stage. But there are many benefits we can derive from it by applying to our day to day life. Hypnosis is an oldest art used by human beings for benefit of the users who apply hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy: A Physical and Psychological Tool to Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to quit smoking permanently. Learn how hypnosis is helping people overcome the physical and mental addiction. And how these same individuals are better able to cope with stress.

Training in Hypnosis – How To Start Learning Hypnosis

There are many ways to get training in hypnosis, be it for your own self hypnosis, for practicing on others, or to get certified as a hypnotist. Quick investigation shows that you can get an in-class training for anywhere from $200 to a few thousand dollars – depending on locality and tutors. You can also choose to do some online training, which will be cheaper, but still vary in cost depending on where you go.

What Is Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

A simple Google search reveals hundreds of satisfied patients who’ve undergone gastric band hypnotherapy and lost much of their excess weight. How exactly does it work though?

Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques – Rapport and Matching

Neuro Linguistic Programming can be used for several treatments ranging from phobias to treating cigarette smokers. It is also helpful for advancing careers and creating better relationships with people.

Hypnosis Training: How to Heal Your Life by Regaining Control

Learning how to use hypnosis and hypnotism will help you help yourself and others, making the world a better place. The proper understanding of hypnosis will help people use their mind to improve their lives. Live training in hypnotism and NLP will be superior to theoretical study from books and DVDs.

3 Vital Keys to Hypnosis Training

Recently many experts have been advertising the value of hypnosis training. For good reason – it’s been found that when you learn hypnosis, you have the ability to alter the way people act around you and control their actions in a way that no other conversational tool has yet been able to.

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