Astrology of January 2021: Capricorn Season

We are on the cusp of the new year of 2021 and with it comes a welcome change astrologically!

Ready to know the important dates for Capricorn Season? Watch the video now!

Mange Your Pain Effectively With Hypnosis

Medically, hypnotherapy is defined as the treatment of health ailments by inducing sleep in the patient. It is employed in surgery, dentistry, research, psychotherapy, and medicine. Hypnotherapy is the ideal tool that is used to tackle behavioral problems or psycho-somatic disorders like weight gain, smoking cessation, narcotics abuse, alcoholism and pain management.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Reduce High Blood Pressure and Treat Hypertension

This article shares the evidence for using hypnosis to lower blood pressure and then gives a step-by-step technique on how to use self-hypnosis to lower your blood pressure. It is simple and incredibly effective, enjoy it.

Hypnotherapy – Is It Real Or Fake And How Does It Work?

Have you heard about hypnosis and the power of it to heal? Do you feel like this process is some kind of joke and only exist in the movies? Think again, because we will now answer the question, is hypnotherapy real or fake? As the world evolves, new technologies and innovations were also introduced. Several items and fashions come in and go away. While several changes happen, people are also bombarded with a variety of health conditions and diseases.

Why I Don’t Offer Virtual Gastric Band Treatments

A “virtual gastric band” is a suggestion, given under hypnosis, that an operation has been performed and a gastric band as been surgically inserted into the subject’s stomach. This type of hypnotherapy for weight loss has become increasingly popular. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it seems to offer a simple and straightforward solution to the problem of weigh loss. But the reality is far from straightforward. This article discusses some of the disadvantages of this approach to hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Penetrate Your Brain And Advance Your Memory With Self-Hypnosis

This article shows you how to advance your memory using self-hypnosis. You’ll learn how to develop belief and even a physical sensation that feels like your brain is developing while you practice this process. Enjoy it.

Use The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis And Create The Future That You Want

That life responds to you is an important concept that many fail to ever grasp. For most people it seems like life does things to them and they are there catching.

Create Your Own Memory Bank Using Self-Hypnosis

I was recently on a hypnotherapy training diploma and you know what; I was able to call all the delegates by name by 9am of the first day of the training… “Is Adam bragging in some way here?” – Nope, just stating something that I consider to be important. I remembered each persons name straight away, and not because they were wearing name badges!

30 Seconds to Easy Self Hypnosis

With self-hypnosis you induce a relaxed state, still the body and talk directly to your subconscious mind. This is an ability that we all have and which sometimes comes about without any intention of making it happen but which can be induced at will. This state of mind is known as the hypnotic state.

5 Steps to Successful Self-Hypnosis

You’ve taken up self-hypnosis and you are looking for ways to maximize your efforts. Here are five tips to help you in your quest.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: What It Is, How It Works and What It’s All About

Hypnotherapy is a great way to lose weight but it is also widely misunderstood. People sometimes expect hypnotherapy to work like some kind of magic wand! But the only way to lose weight is to make changes and hypnotherapy can help you to make those changes. This article discusses some of the ways in which hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight. It also deals with some of the major misconceptions concerning hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy Using Gastric Band Hypnosis

Have you heard of gastric band surgery? Many try it as a good way to lose weight and it does work to be sure but did you know that it is an expensive technique and one that is prone to complications like getting a slipped band, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and many others? You have to ask yourself is the risk and expense really worth it?

Develop Rapport With NLP by Mirroring The Breath

Communication is enhanced when we get deeper rapport with people and we study this subject in NLP. NLP is probably the source of most great rapport training available. Getting rapport leads to deeper rapport with people and then disengaging from them and being able to continue with a good relationship. We can’t get on with everyone and find it easier to get on with some more than others. Well, people trained in NLP don’t have a problem with getting on with anyone if they want to! It’s easy to talk and get on with anyone. And here’s one of the most skilled ways of doing so: Mirroring and Matching others’ breathing rates can produce amazing results!!

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