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In this preview of role play hypnotherapy session, Scarlett, your babysitter from years ago came visit for the holidays, she recall a time when you were so young, so dependent on her. Now that you are all grown up, you still find it immensely comforting while talking to your baby sitter Scarlett. She also see how hard you have been working, you barely go out and your life is a mess. She decides to use hypnosis to help you relax, send you to sleep in the most comforting way, become a better person, she also left you a few post suggestion for her personal entertainment.

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Hypnotist Karina is back for a new video hypnosis session. We are working a series of new hypnosis videos, featuring therapeutic roleplay, ASMR and deep hypnosis. In this session, Karina plays a psychology major in your college with hypnosis skills. You are new to this college and just join the psychology student union, when you showed up to a study group, you ran into an upper year psych major. She is writing her thesis on hypnosis, and in need to test subject for her hypnosis experiment, she offers to hypnotize you to help alleviate your student stress, to clear the clutter in your mind, makes you feel more confident, more focus at school, and to make you a better person, plus to have some fun with your subconscious mind. At the end she made you a great student with a desire to become her hypnosis experimental subject over and over again.

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Differentiating Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Many new students learning conversational hypnosis have a hard time differentiating the art of hypnosis versus hypnotherapy. This is understandable because both use very similar techniques and procedures to achieve a desired outcome. This article will attempt to explain the differences in a simple manner.

How NLP Training Can Improve You

Today we face competition in all spheres, and at all levels of life. Excellence or perfection is the main element, which plays a vital role in achieving success in a particular field.

Can Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Work?

Puffing away on cigarettes is hazardous to your health and this is an indisputable fact. However, just because you know that it is bad for your health, does not make it any easier to quit. There are both psychological and physical addictions that make quitting difficult.

NLP Explained

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming and is essentially a set of skills in using your mind to achieve improved relationships, confidence, motivation and all other manner of things too. Established back in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, it came about as the result of a study into how certain people excel in their field and what in particular it was that those people were doing to achieve their results.

How NLP Improves Leadership Skills

NLP training and therapy can enhance a number of skill areas for individuals, including self confidence and goal setting. But it is not just individuals who benefit from NLP training. Businesses and management use NLP as a means of enhancing their skills too. Here’s one such application.

Hypnotherapist Versus Self Hypnosis Audio Programs

So you have a problem or want to make a change in your life, but you’re confused. Should you go to a hypnotherapist or will an audio program do just as much good?

Too Much Negativity in Your Life? Try Positive Changes Hypnosis

It is very difficult to maintain a positive outlook on life if you are surrounded by gloom and doom. Too many times in our lives we take the bad things that have happened to us and internalized everything so that the negativity becomes a part of us. Good things happen to people who are optimistic. Positive change hypnosis is designed to alter the way you think and act on a daily basis to eliminate the negative influences on your life and start making good things happen.

NLP Techniques For Weight Loss

This is a step-by-step recipe for weight loss using an NLP technique known as the Swish Pattern. It is powerful to adopt and requires no more than 15 minutes under the hands of a skilled NLP coach. If you are using this on your own, learn it, internalize it and practice it to perfection so that it will have a similar effect on you.

Will Self-Confidence Hypnosis Work For You?

Self confidence is something everyone should possess in order for them to excel in whatever it is they are doing. When you do not believe in yourself, in your talents, skills, and abilities, it will be quite difficult for you to shine through.

How Do You Hypnotize Someone? Let Me Explain

This path is always left untouched. We often hear people say, without sufficient evidence that hypnotism is bad. That it’s the work of the devil. If you will be hypnotized, you become a puppet of the person hypnotizing you forever. All those statements are flat out absurd.

You May Have Already Been Hypnotized

You might not acknowledge it, but chances are you have already been hypnotized! Have you ever been in a daydream – so unmindful to the world that you did not even hear somebody talking to you or calling your name? Ever study a book or watch a film and become so into it that you lose track of completely of time and sense as though you are in that location?

What Can NLP Techniques Do For You?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a discipline of sophisticated techniques to produce rapid change in one’s behavior, motivation or performance. These are adapted to one’s representational system to achieve greater and quicker results than hypnosis. Many can be learned and used for self improvement in any field such as eliminating phobias, amping up sports performance or overcoming stage fright or writer’s block.

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