Be Like a Tree: Flow with the Transitional Energy of October

Here are Four Powerful Ways you can be more Like a tree and find peace this October no matter what:

1. Learn to shift without falling.

Life is a series of challenges and changes. It is by nature unpredictable, as much as we would like it to not be.

You can learn to shift with whatever comes along to challenge you without losing your calm. The next time you feel anxious about something difficult in your life, picture yourself like a tree. Bending and moving in the wind but never not connected to your firm and stable roots.

2. Learn to be unafraid to let go.

The trees willingly surrender their leaves every Fall without resistance.

There are great lessons for us contained in that surrender.

What would it be like to allow things to leave your life easily and without a struggle?

What do you need to let go of today? This month? This year? Learn from the trees and practice letting go of things that you know in your heart you can no longer cling to.

3. Ground yourself in the present moment.

Trees are by nature grounded with vast roots. They are incredibly serene, silent, strong, and still. There is much for us to learn from this stillness and tranquility.

Sometimes when we are afraid or indecisive, we might jump to take the wrong kind of action. The next time you feel compelled to react or lash out in retaliation, stop, take a few moments to be still and simply feel, listen, and remain quiet. It will change your mind.

4. Don’t be afraid to take up space.

Sometimes we keep ourselves small because life feels easier that way.
We don’t realize that in not taking up space, we are dimming our own light in the world.

Trees do not do this, they are unapologetic about the space they take up. They are unafraid to stretch out and be exactly who they are.

In what ways can you be more of who you really are? In what ways can you learn to be powerful and unafraid to take up space?

Use this month to own your power and learn to flow with life’s changes with ease, stability, and gratitude.

And if there is one thing you do this October – go outside and observe a tree, watch its beautiful, expansive nature and appreciate its magnificent stillness.

Life is a series of challenges and changes. It is by nature unpredictable, as much as we would like it to not be. much for us to learn from this stillness and tranquility. take a few moments to be still and simply feel, listen, and remain quiet. It will change your mind.

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