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Hypnotist Caitlyn makes you sleepy, very sleepy. Hypnosis for Sleep ASMR, from an old hard drive. From the good old days.

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How To Hypnotize Others On The Fly

How to hypnotize others has been the topic of many late night parlor discussions. Believe it or not hypnosis happens all around us every day; we simply don’t label it by the same name. Have you ever wanted to use hypnosis when interacting with others but weren’t quite sure how?

Memory Training With Hypnoptherapy

Memory Improvement Hypnotherapy Training is a way of getting proven effective techniques integrated into your subconscious quickly without having to spend months of hard slog learning these. With Hypnotherapy we can bypass the conscious lazy mind that comes up with excuses and just get on with anchoring these traits, better to work smart than hard.

Just Close Your Eyes And Relax

There are several self-improvement hypnosis programs currently available for categories such as smoking cessation, weight loss, or self-esteem building. Most of these programs begin with relaxation techniques. This article is just one example of such a relaxation self-talk.

Persuasion Depends More on Attitude Than It Does on Words

If you are in a position where you need to get someone to behave in a new way (you might be a coach, a trainer, an employer or a manager), then you get to choose: will you be the person practicing magic words in the hope that they work or will you be the person who talks in a way that results in small, positive changes? If you, like me, want to be the second kind of influencer, then the words you already know and the patterns you already use will give you the language that you need. You just need two vital ingredients to make them work: a clear intention and a genuine interest in connecting with the person you want to influence. Those two ingredients harness two of the brain’s superpowers: the ability to find the resources to meet clear conscious goals and the ability to make social connections. You can count on those superpowers to interact with your language centres and make the best words pop into your mind at the right moment.

Rapport, Reciprocation and Resilience

When researchers talk about the Law of Reciprocation, they sound pretty sure that giving a favour is likely to result in receiving a favour in return. This is not always true when you give to the people around you, and disappointments take up a disproportionate amount of your memory. Restore the balance by spending more time focused on the people who have given you what you need when you need it. You’ll find it has happened more often than you thought. This is the key to resilience: noticing that the painful memories that come to mind first are not telling the whole of the story. You can set yourself up for a better result next time.

Changing the Mindset

Our subconscious mind can, at times, sabotage our lives. The subconscious mind is the keeper of our habits and memory, so when we learn ill-placed behaviors they become our status-quo, our way of functioning.

The Use of Mirroring In Mind Control

Mirroring is a natural process we use every day in our interaction with other people. However, once its mechanism is dissected and understood, it can become a powerful mind control tool.

How Connecting to Your Purpose Improves Your Results

Although NLP itself is rooted in making observable change to get predictable results, the techniques of NLP allow us to observe how successful people use concepts and curiosity in unpredictable ways. Purpose may not be something observable or something that can be defined. But we can observe the results when people choose to connect with a sense of purpose and use it to drive their choices.

Choosing The Best Hypnotherapist

These days more and more people are turning to hypnosis to help deal with emotional problems. But how do you choose a good practitioner? In this informative article, a leading British hypnotherapist tells you all you need to know in order to choose wisely.

Create More Time For Yourself By Learning Hypnotic Time Expansion

In 1956, George A. Miller published his famous paper “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information.” In essence, this means that our conscious minds can handle between five and nine “chunks” of information simultaneously. So we can hold a 7 digit phone number in our consciousness for a couple of seconds unless we write it down, or commit it to memory. Once it’s committed to memory, it’s in our subconscious mind, and different rules apply for our unconscious mind.

Learn How To Hypnotize Someone Secretly Without Them Knowing

Hypnosis has long been used throughout history in order to make people do things that they otherwise normally wouldn’t be willing to do. If you’ve ever been to a hypnosis stage show then you would have seen this first hand with the volunteers that were brought up on stage.

Mental Echoes

The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to any sort of genuinely permanent changing of yourself or myself or any mental programming is repetition. Thus, the title of this article “mental echoes”.

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