Bye Spooky Vibes! Cleansing Rituals For Halloween

Despite Halloween being such a fun event, it still brings in some spooky energies this season that can take a toll on your emotional state.

Don’t let that energy dampen your Halloween spirits, though! If you feel some of those spooky vibes around you, you can shoo them away by doing some of these cleansing rituals:

-Honor The Thinning Veil & The Departed Ritual

Dedicate a table or side table in your home to honor Halloween.

Gather some black and orange candles, crystals, photos or mementoes of the departed you wish to honor, and a chalice with either water or wine.

Place a candle in the center of the altar and.

Place your other items and distribute them in the Four Directions as they correspond to the element.

Light up your candles and offer a prayer of gratitude to the souls you wish to honor.

-The Witch’s Bath

Cleanse yourself and take away the negative energies in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Here you will need:

Honey soap
3 lemons cut in cross
1 garlic clove
1 tsp. of wheat flour

Make an infusion out of all these ingredients (except honeys-soap) in hot water, but careful not to let them boil.

Get into the tub or shower and bathe as usual using the honey soap.

As you rinse the soap off, think of it as the negativities washing away.

Then, pour the infusion from head to toe and think of all the positive things that are coming into your life right now.

-A Roots Feast

You can simply do this by adding roots to your diet.

This is the best time of the year to add roots into your diet because this is when they’re most enriched with nutrients.

You can get creative with ginger, lotus root, beets, and other roots that are available in your local grocery.

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