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Fall asleep fast! Most people would not last a minute staring at Hypnotist Kimberley’s pocket watch. Just stare at the center of the swinging pocket watch and anyone will fall asleep very quickly. If you are suffering from insomnia watch this video. Share this video if you know anyone who need help going sleep.
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Hypnotherapy In Colorado – How It Differs From Other States

This article addresses how hypnotherapy in Colorado differs from other states. Colorado is a regulated state and so there are more legal protections in place.

Suggestion Is Power

Yes, you knew and I knew that I was going to do an article on it. It controls our minds, our bodies, and ultimately everything and every action: Suggestion is power. Whether we give it to ourselves or others give it to us, it is power.

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Addiction?

Solution focused hypnotherapists are happy to help many people in order to make a positive effect on their lives. The hypnotherapy treatment uses Neuro-linguistic programming of NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT and hypnosis lets the client make a lot of positive improvements within short time period. Hypnotherapy can help with various issues including; Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Stress, depression and anxiety, Motivation and confidence, Weight loss and general life coaching. It can also help with addictions including an addition to alcohol or smoking and even…

Hypnosis – Is It Crazy Voodoo Magic, or Science?

You are going to LOVE how happy you feel after learning hypnosis. Every day, we fluctuate through various degrees of perception. But what if we could tap into those deeper, subconscious aspects of ourselves, and others?

Yes, I Am Ready, I Am Always Ready

Getting what you want is a matter of persistence. Whatever the situation, or whatever I need to deal with, I remain ready and always ready to get what I want. It is also a deep principle of autosuggestion and hypnosis with yourself also to be consistently ready for an opportunity when it comes.

Role of Hypnosis in Treating Adult Incontinence

Hypnosis is a modern approach in the field of science that reduces smoking, quit excessive alcohol intake and drugs. It also helps in leading a better life. If you attend a hypnotist show, you will realize how the hypnotherapy works and what the after-effects are.

Hypnosis Helps Improve Sports Performance

Hypnosis is a perfect tool to help you improve your sports performance. It could be that you are a professional athlete striving to perfect your skills, or an active person who wants to maximize your body’s potential, the key lies in learning how to manage your mind.

Do Not Beg, Make A Suggestion

The most powerful thing we can do is genuinely change our minds and keep the change into action and fulfillment. Without understanding, we cannot change though. Here is some food for thought on how to stay consistent in our understanding without making indecisiveness a mainstay.

Unveiling Our Pasts Through Regression Therapy

Our bodies may be new on Earth but our souls are very old. Researchers believe that we are born with certain fundamental traits and emotions that alter on the surface over our lifetimes. It is on this belief of the existence of a past life that the regression therapy finds its foundation.

Memories Triggered by Hypnotism

It was the subject of a documentary on the National Geographic channel titled Back from the Dead that alerted me to the power of hypnotism. In an attempt to reproduce an out-of-body (OOB) experience, which the researcher needed to understand the spiritual side of the experience, he subjected himself to an injection of a substance from the ‘magic mushroom’, which is a hallucination drug. At the same time, he underwent an MRI to see the effect it had on the brain.

The 6 Stages of the Mind in Trance

Perception plus aesthetic impact magnified by the repetition of the artistic stimuli begins the process of induction and results in a light trance state. To deepen the trance state an artist must add reinforcing elements consistent with the original stimuli so that the combined “art force” operates as a singular entity to overwhelm the senses of every individual in an audience. All of these aesthetic experiences utilize the passageways of the nervous system by impinging upon one or more of the 5 senses simultaneously. As the elements in any artistic product are designed to control the flow of stimuli through the nerves, the artist elevates his role from entertainer to magician.

Art Force and Attention Loops

An attention loop is trapped attention or consciousness flowing in a circular motion. In other words, it’s consciousness stuck in a feedback loop and like all forms of feedback it can be increased, reduced, or sustained by adjusting the signal input. In all forms of art, there is the potential for the creation of an attention loop. And the only factor that differentiates what can or will not create an attention loop is “art force.”

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