Command and Control Hypnosis – Brainwashing ASMR Roleplay with Hypnotist Jennifer Saands

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Hypnotist Jennifer’s direct command hypnosis with pocket watch induction, Hypnosis for Sleep ASMR, from an old hard drive, Hypnotist Jennifer’s test video back in 2007

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The Ingredient That Makes Trance, Trance

What is a hypnotic trance? No one knows – or, rather, no one agrees. But one thing most folks agree on is its most useful feature.

Should You Doubt Hypnosis Hype?

I’m keen on hypnosis, obviously. But should I be? Can it really live up to the hype? Let me lay it all out for you.

Will You Forgive Your Own Ignorance?

Hypnotherapy can fizzle for a thousand reasons. This one might sound a little strange – maybe even self-serving – but it’s a real and common problem.

The Ingredients Label for Placebos

Placebos are just sugar pills, right? They sure are… and no, not at all. Many ingredients go into a good placebo – here’s a list.

I Can’t Even Milk an Imaginary Cow

Hypnosis makes you suggestable… but you’re still you. In fact, as this story shows, you’re more ‘you’ inside a trance than outside it.

The Cognitohazard Inside This Common Hypnosis Question

I get asked this question about hypnosis a lot. The problem is, even thinking this question is dangerous – a full-blown cognitohazard. Here’s why.

Martin Logic King Jr

Here’s a brief lesson in influence from one of history’s most influential people. And the lesson even goes beyond that, into a saner life.

Opening The Lock On The Doors (Of Perception And Awakening)

You knew this was coming from me: The peaceful swan sails forth, and the lily sails away to paint an initial picture of what I am writing about in your mind. Thinking about reality as a plastic, changeable, programmable energy substance is an accurate description of what it comes down to for the Masters of Reality. For those that are not Masters it can all seem downright chaotic and unfair as a whole, and nothing seems to work on top of that. Now, would you not prefer Mastery?

Why Hypnosis Definitely Isn’t a Placebo (Maybe)

Is hypnosis really just a placebo? Yes, but no, but maybe… and yes, but not at all how you think.

Hypnosis Myth Sounds Sensible, Isn’t

Like all good myths, there’s just enough truth here to make it sound plausible. But it’s wrong. And for some of you, that’s excellent news.

Can a Hypnotist “Take Advantage” of a Subject?

How vulnerable does going into a trance make you? Less than you might think… especially when you follow these simple guidelines.

Bliss, Insight and Trance

How do scientists know hypnosis is real? For one thing, they can see it in action. Here’s what hypnosis does to your brain and why you want it.

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