Dangerous Hypnosis! 催眠 hypno Don’t let Female Roommate brainwash you to clean to house! ASMR LOA F4M

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#hypnosis #ASMR #hypno Pocket Watch Induction

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In a small, nondescript apartment, Rebecca and Kelly sat across from their unsuspecting roommate, Jake. The girls, both 21, had been planning this night for weeks. Jake had no idea what was coming. The dim light in the living room cast eerie shadows on the walls, heightening the sense of anticipation that hung in the air.

Rebecca, with her long auburn hair and piercing green eyes, held a pocket watch in her hand. Kelly, her blonde counterpart, stood beside her, a sly smile playing on her lips. The atmosphere was thick with tension as they exchanged a knowing glance.

“Jake,” Rebecca began, her voice smooth and commanding, “we need to have a little chat. You’ve been slacking off around the house, and it’s time we set things straight.”

Jake looked up from his phone, confusion evident on his face. “What are you talking about?”

Kelly stepped forward, her eyes locking onto his. “You see, Jake, we’ve decided that you need a little… motivation. Something to help you understand your place in this household.”

Before Jake could respond, Rebecca swung the pocket watch in front of his eyes. “Just relax, Jake. Focus on the watch. Let your eyes follow its movement, back and forth. Back and forth.”

Jake’s protest died in his throat as his gaze fixated on the swinging watch. He felt an odd sense of calm wash over him, his thoughts beginning to slow. Rebecca’s voice was like honey, smooth and irresistible.

“That’s right, Jake. Just keep watching. Feel yourself getting more and more relaxed. Your eyelids are getting heavy. So heavy.”

Kelly’s voice joined in, a soft, insistent whisper in his ear. “You trust us, Jake. You trust our voices. Let them guide you. Let them take you deeper.”

Jake’s head felt light, his thoughts a distant echo. The world around him began to blur as he sank deeper into the trance. Rebecca’s voice continued, wrapping around his mind like a silken rope.

“You are safe with us, Jake. You trust our voices completely. As you go deeper, you feel an overwhelming sense of calm. You want to obey. You need to obey.”

Jake’s body slumped, his willpower ebbing away with each passing second. The girls exchanged a triumphant look. This was their moment.

Kelly leaned in closer, her breath hot against his ear. “From now on, Jake, you will do everything we say. You will clean the house, pay the bills, and do all the chores. You live to serve us. You exist to please us.”

Rebecca’s voice took on a darker tone, her words sinking deep into Jake’s subconscious. “You will feel an intense desire to comply with our every command. It brings you pleasure to obey us. You love to serve. You need to serve.”

Jake’s mind was a blank slate, open and vulnerable. The girls’ words etched themselves into his very soul, binding him to their will.

“You are our servant, Jake,” Kelly whispered, her voice dripping with satisfaction. “You will do all the demeaning tasks we ask of you, and you will do them with a smile. Your purpose is to make our lives easier.”

Rebecca’s eyes gleamed with dark satisfaction as she continued. “And you will love every minute of it. You will find bliss in your servitude. You will be our obedient, mindless servant.”

Jake’s head nodded slowly, his consciousness submerged in the depths of the hypnotic trance. The girls’ voices were the only thing that mattered, their commands the only thing that existed.

Days turned into weeks, and Jake’s transformation was complete. He moved through the apartment like a puppet on strings, his every action dictated by Rebecca and Kelly. He cleaned tirelessly, paid the bills without question, and performed every demeaning task they demanded. His mind was a void, filled only with the desire to serve.

Rebecca and Kelly reveled in their victory, their control over Jake absolute. They watched with satisfaction as he carried out their every whim, his eyes glazed and empty.

One evening, as Jake scrubbed the kitchen floor on his hands and knees, Rebecca and Kelly stood over him, their faces masks of triumph.

“You are completely ours, Jake,” Rebecca said, her voice a purr of satisfaction. “You belong to us, body and mind.”

Kelly nodded, her smile cold and predatory. “You will never escape our control. You are our servant forever.”

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