Direct command hypnosis – Hypnotist Jennifer makes you share this video. ASMR Roleplay.

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Hypnotist Oxanna’s direct command hypnosis with pocket watch induction, they will make you share this video on social media. Will you obey their hypnotic suggestion?

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Hypnosis Insights From Ungentlemanly Conduct

People make the strangest leaps of logic as easily as breathing. I encountered a woman who liked good manners so much that she publicly insulted my family. In doing so, she demonstrated a fascinating piece of psychology – one that explains why hypnosis gets such incredible results.

Your Body’s Mystery Chemical

Serotonin plays many roles in the body and mind – more than most people realise. A few of these roles are relevant to anyone interested in changing people. Any hypnotist should know what it can and can’t do. Without understanding the neuroscience, you have no authority.

It’s Always a Surprise When Someone Speaks Your Language

The purpose of language is to create understanding. It doesn’t always work, though. When communication breaks down, it’s because a hypnotic element has fallen out of alignment. Experience hypnotic language and your clarity will improve.

Hypnotic Rapport In A Bottle

People talk about “having chemistry” with others. Is that just a metaphor, or is there truth to that? The role oxytocin plays in your brain (and social life) might just hold clues about this, which might just help the way you approach the art of hypnosis.

Hypnotic Mind Over Matter

There are two approaches if you want to resolve your pain. One is chemical and the other is psychological. And yet, in the brain, these two approaches are one. Hypnosis uses several natural mechanisms to remove discomfort and place your attention where you want it.

The Chemistry of Desire

There is a chemical element to desire and motivation. As hypnotists, it’s important to understand this feature of the brain and how it connects to everything we do.

The T Rex School of Hypnosis

Extinction didn’t stop the Tyrannosaurus Rex, since it continues to grow in our minds. The reputation of the mighty dinosaur holds lessons for how you should offer your hypnosis services. If you learn from the lizard king, you’ll find a marketing strategy worthy of the old rulers of the planet.

Get Real With Yourself, And The World Will Be Real With You

We all love to win, but who loves to meet God halfway with the work before God helps us to the next levels? Those who love both will make it genuinely and better than that. Those who expect God to do it all, and God to get them out of bed in the morning on top of it all are in for a big disappointment. I know I was when I found out I had to “earn my own miracles”.

Waking Up Tired and Going to Bed When You’re Not

If you can’t get to sleep, then your pineal gland might be responsible. And if it isn’t, then some other part of your unconscious is. Luckily, there are quick and easily solutions – as simple as daydreaming (with a purpose).

Corporations Hypnotising You Is Boring And Normal

Who would let a corporation hypnotise them? Billions of us, apparently. We seek it out, pay good money for the experience then talk about it later. Yet, as soon as a corporation mentions ‘hypnosis’, people freak out. They’d live richer lives if they knew what hypnosis is and what it can do.

If You Love Hypnosis, Trivialise It

When a website promised to wipe your memories of a TV show, the hypnotic community responded. Badly. There’s a lesson in this idea that will help any hypnotist reach more clients and inspire them to change.

Hypnosis and Marketing Lessons From a Bumpy Skulled Face Reader

A consultant face reader admitted that what she does is pure nonsense. What did she teach me about how to market hypnosis services? More than you’d think. Sometimes even clueless people can teach you business secrets that most professionals don’t know.

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