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A funny clip, hopefully a bit of comic relief on a stressful night for everybody. Throw back clip, this was originally filmed in 2012. We are not affiliated with any political parties, this is for entertainment purpose only. Please don’t hurt us.
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How Hypnosis Can Help You Be More Outgoing

If you’d like to be more confident, charismatic and outgoing, then I have great news. Your personality stems from your brain and that’s a flexible thing. You’re not ‘shy’ – you have a set of learned habits and reactions to certain situations. And what you learn, you can unlearn.

Language Versus Mystery: Hypnotising the Human Brain

What does the neocortex do? We have a few clues… and plenty of questions. It’s mysterious. One thing we can be sure of is that it’s a key part of hypnosis. It’s vital that we learn its secrets as best we can.

Adding New Senses With Hypnosis

You already ‘see’ more than just vision. The way your brain constructs your model of reality draws information together in surprising ways. If you learn how to enhance this process, you can enrich your senses and even add new ones.

Trust Versus Status: Hypnotising the Mammalian Brain

The mammalian brain, also known as the limbic system, monitors your social environment. Since it’s so alert, knowing how to please it is an important part of the hypnotic process.

Why Hypnotists Should Learn Neuroscience

Hypnosis has been around for millennia, so why should hypnotists learn neuroscience? It’s true that you can hypnotise people without knowing how the brain works. Knowing the basics, though, gives you a secret edge against hypnotists who don’t.

Fear Versus Safety: Hypnotising The Reptilian Brain

The reptilian brain, also known as the basal ganglia, lies at the core of the human brain. It also plays a key role in hypnosis. Learn what that is to make your trances more reliable and effective.

Trigger Epiphanies With Unconscious Thinking

Having a purpose doesn’t mean you never get stuck. Even if you know where you are headed, you might not know your next step. Don’t let this derail you. With the right epiphanies, you can get back to fulfilling your purpose in even better ways.

Bite The Hand That Feeds You: How To Live On Your Terms

Once you see through your own lies and discover your purpose, everything in your life shifts. Be comfortable with defying conventional wisdom. People will call you mad and they’ll be wrong. Live life on your terms and everything becomes easier.

Everything Is Hypnotic

There’s an interesting principle in hypnosis. Most beginning hypnotists – plus a few veterans – don’t know it. Some know it but don’t appreciate what it means. Because when you truly understand it, it transforms the way you view hypnosis. And the world.

Break Your Programming Using Hypnosis

You have a lot of old lessons in your head. Most of them are other people’s thoughts. A lot of them block you from your true desires in life. Learn to break your programming and you will see the world for the first time.

Can You Accidentally Hypnotise Someone?

It’s possible to accidentally hypnotise someone. In fact, it’s more common than you think. When you learn why, it reveals curious truths about the true nature of hypnosis that even many hypnotists don’t know.

Stay in the Zone

Think you don’t have enough time in a day? You’re wrong. You have plenty of time. Forget the productivity hacks that claw back minutes – what you need is energy. All the energy you can handle is there, just millimetres from your fingertips. Reach out and claim it.

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