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Playlist – How does it feel to be hypnotized?

The video with Katie going under hypnosis

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 185 aftershow interview

Katie talks about her experience with hypnosis

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You too can learn hypnosis! Find out more on our website

Playlist – How does it feel to be hypnotized?

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Hypnotize Everyone to Give You What You Want

Can you even begin to imagine what great things you could accomplish if you knew how to hypnotize people without them knowing? There really is not much you cannot do to get your way about everything. The power to secretly persuade any individual to bend to your specific needs and desires, while requiring great ethical standards, can seriously change a persons life if they responsibly apply the method of covert or otherwise known as conversational hypnosis.

Effective Communication For the Hypnosis Practitioner

A greatly admired attribute that you need to be effective in whilst doing hypnosis, is to become receptive and keep an open mind in your approach towards your subjects or clients. You must learn the art of upholding the personal values, integrity, and self esteem of other people that you engage with on a regular basis. Your interaction with these people must be of such a nature they they feel comfortable to expressing their views when they are with you.

Hypnotherapy Can Assist in Reaching Your Fullest Potential

There are many avenues open to you if you intend getting quality training in hypnotherapy. It is however essential for your future success that you develop your own unique style within this field. Not all programmes or facilitators are the same and you must ensure that you get full value for your money.

Curb Smoking Urges With Hypnosis

When quitting smoking sometimes our smoking urges can become so intense that we just give in and give up on our quest to be smoke free. Smoking is such a terrible addiction. It is slowly killing us, we know this yet we still light up at every opportunity.

The Basics of Feminisation Hypnosis

The common goal of any type of hypnosis is to start or stop a habit. When it comes to feminisation hypnosis, the basic goal is to help a person get in touch with their feminine side. Most feminisation hypnosis subjects consist of transgender, transvestite and transsexual persons.

Self Confidence and Self Hypnosis – An Everlasting Partnership

Hypnosis is widely known to have assisted others and could help you eliminate a multitude of unfavourable and harmful practices once and for all. It could even help you to see your mistakes as a journey towards improving your life in general. Hypnosis has been identified as a very low cost technique that can boost your confidence in record time.

How to Hypnotize Someone During Simple Conversation

Anyone can learn how to hypnotize someone in a very short amount of time. As simple as it is to convince a person to quack like a duck or squeal like a pig, it is equally as simple to persuade the same individuals to provide you with what you want or need. You would simply apply the same method of hypnosis that you would have used to made them behave like farm animals, but instead lend suggestions that lead to more practical results.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programing?

Neuro linguistic programing, also known as NLP is a type of psychotherapy which involves interpersonal communication. This is done by monitoring body language and facial expression as well as posture and speech.

Do You Want to Know How to Make Subliminal Messages?

Firstly, before you can know how to make subliminal messages, you need to know exactly what they are. A subliminal message is a message of some kind which is integrated into another medium.

Mind Control – How to Dominate Others

Are you looking for some way to achieve some success in your life? Historically speaking, many of the most successful people in the world used mind control. How to dominate others has been studied across time in many cultures.

Sleep Learning – Do You Have the Facts?

Think how good it would be if you could salvage a third of your existence to change and alter those thing that would make your life better? Or even learn the skills you need without spending a fortune or consume more of your time?

Hypnotize Anyone For Personal Gain Without Them Knowing

Can you imagine the possible advantages you could take by using the power of covert hypnosis in everyday situations? If properly practiced, this method can bring the administrator a world of benefits and opportunities with very little effort on their part, and absolutely no clue on the part of the subject. You could soon be getting a raise from your employer, the attention of the object of your affections, valuable information that may otherwise have been disclosed from you, and many more otherwise unattainable benefits, just by learning the subtle powers of subliminal suggestion

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