Feminization Hypnosis: Hypnotize to wear lipstick, high heels and mini skirt. #Hypnosis #ASMR

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#hypnosis #ASMR #feminization #nlp #hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis. We have received a lot of request for people who want to feel confident while expressing their feminine self. We understand society are quick to judge people who stand out with their clothing, this new video helps you feel confident while doing away with any shame and guilt, it will help you feeling like better person while enjoying their favorite cloths.

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more feminization hypnosis
Hypnotized to love high heels (preview)

Hypnotized to wear Lipstick (preview)

Hypnotized to wear mini skirt (preview)

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Culture is the one thing that we need to look at when we are thinking about the greatest problem that is plaguing the human world right now. Culture is the virulent disease that drives many of the pre concepts we have to constantly re look and re assess. Culture is the primary force that is killing hundreds of people every day all over the world. We would not think about it much because popular society actually promotes culture and its ideologies.

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