Get Ready for Changes: October is a 5 Universal Month

October is the eighth month of the year, but did you know that in Numerology, October 2020 is a 5 Universal Month?

5 Universal months are always interesting.

In the numerological cycle, the number five stands like a pivot point around which the other numbers spin.

How does this affect us?

-Restlessness & Curiosity

You may feel a bit restless during this time, in which you’ll find yourself giving in to your adventurous side.

It’s also natural to feel a bit extra curious, which will lead you to seek more change and variety.

It’s essential to keep yourself in check. Be more mindful of your actions, especially at times when you are doing things out of the ordinary.

Find better ways to have more originality and diversity into your days that will not put yourself at risk.

-Take It Slow

For some individuals, the energy of the 5 may be unsettling. In which case, it’s okay to take it slow. You don’t have to get pulled by the energies and succumb to it. Remember, you always have a choice.

-Put Your Five Senses To Work

Another great thing about this month is that it is a great month to experience life through your five senses. With that, encourage yourself to full embodiment so do things that are pleasant to smell, to look at, to touch, to hear, and to taste. Indulge your five senses and have an awesome time!

Keep in mind that despite the major changes and adjustments that the energy of the 5 will bring, many of these will be temporary, therefore, be prepared.

Many individuals will find that their careers will be more rewarding than usual, so seize the opportunity and use this cycle to deal with change the best way possible.

It’s a great time to step into your power. You can use the energy of this month to clear your energies and bring more abundance into your life.

This month, focus your energies on your career and acquiring more wealth.

Mind Control Techniques – Employed by Successful Salesmen

If you are connected with sales and advertising you would have definitely observed that some salesmen are more successful in making sales than the others. You might have wondered what they were doing differently that made their sales pursuits so effective. The secret lies in being able to use mind control effectively to get things done your way and turn the tide in your favor.

NLP – What Can It Do for You?

It will enable you to change your life because it will give you choices about the kind of life you want to lead in the future. Our current life and the way we live it is the result of our past experiences and how we have adapted to them. Those experiences, both good and bad have created the person who we think we are today.

Past Life’s Regression Hypnosis

Have you ever had the experience of meeting a stranger and instantly you feel like old lost friends? Have you ever visited a different city or different part of the world and felt like you belonged there? These are examples of memories stored in your subconscious mind coming to the surface after being triggered by a place or person. It is believed that we carry with us from past life’s bits and pieces of who we where.

Hypnotherapy According To Milton H Erickson

Milton Erickson is one of the most celebrated hypnotherapist in the field of psychology. He was able to establish a name for himself, not only as a psychiatrist but also was able to formulate approaches in hypnotherapy that showed promising results. Erickson’s methods are found not only effective during hypnotherapy, but are now also being used by professionals from different fields of industry.

Milton H Erickson’s Self-Hypnosis And Trance Experience

Milton H. Erickson had provided us with several truths about how a hypnotherapy is incomplete without the induction of trance. He postulated that no matter how willing a subject is with going into deep trance; if the hypnotherapist does not have the necessary tools to start one, it is futile and considered useless. For a hypnotherapist to be able to induce trance, he must first recognize the symptoms of being in a trance-like state.

Self-Hypnosis And Improving One’s Quality Of Life

What is man’s ultimate goal? Every human being has their own dreams and aspirations. They have different dreams, and they expect different outcomes for every dream fulfilled. What makes us similar to each other would be the notion that we all want to exceed our personal expectations. Regardless of how small or big the expectation might be, once we have achieved them we already feel a sense of accomplishment.

Self-Hypnosis In Relieving Insomnia

There’s no such truth that when one counts sheep before sleeping, it will eventually get you to sleep. Almost everybody finds it hard to fall asleep at some point in their lives. It is important that a person gets enough time sleeping. A good night sleep will reflect on performance at work or in school the next day, and adequate sleep somehow dictates the behavior exemplified by an individual.

Milton H Erickson’s Hypnotherapeutic Approach On Pain Management

Milton H. Erickson at a young age suffered from polio. But this did not stop him from becoming a world famous hypnotherapist. Actually, it all started when he was afflicted with it. He was bedridden and was not able to do what normal kids his age would do; be out in the sun and experiencing the usual games that kids play. He was such a strong man of character, and he did not let these physical shortcomings allay his dreams of becoming accomplished some day.

Milton H Erickson’s Confusion Technique In Hypnotherapy

One of Milton H. Erickson’s controversial methods used in hypnotherapy is the confusion technique. The steps by which an experimenter should proceed in doing this therapy are hard and complicated to follow. Let us first understand how the confusion technique works and how Erickson had successfully employed this particular procedure to his test subjects. Erickson often practiced this sequential methodology to highly intelligent people and to individuals who were consciously willing to partake.

Self-Hypnosis And Overcoming Personal Evils

Almost all of us have vices. A lot of people, determined as they are, choose to leave these bad habits behind and start all over again. Lucky them, they have a sense of control that allow them to decide to stop their bad ways and resume life without it. To some it can be very difficult and very tedious. A vice is defined as a habit or a practice that go against the society’s set of norms and values.

Milton H Erickson Busts Myths Regarding Hypnotherapy

Milton H. Erickson provided a lot of his patients the change they so eagerly want to happen in their lives. A lot of his fellow psychiatrists and psychologists practice his innovations in healing their patient’s psychological problems and needs. However, there are also those who speculate that his techniques are unusual and unorthodox.

Coping With Death Through Self-Hypnosis

Death is inevitable. We are all subjected to entropy and decay; it’s just a matter of time. Death of a loved one is an overwhelming and sad experience, that grieving parties find it hard to move on from this stage of loss to the phase of acceptance. Self-hypnosis plays a vital role in getting out of the initial stage of the strategy for coping with the death of a loved one.

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