Harmonize the Chakras ✤ 7 Chakra Cleanse ✤ Remove Negative Blockages

Harmonize the Chakras ✤ 7 Chakra Cleanse ✤ Remove Negative Blockages ✤ Healing Frequencies Music by Simply Hypnotic ✤ Recommend setting at low/medium volume

Track Name: Balance Chakras
Music by: Andre James
Image Thumbnail by: Shutterstock
Video Created by @Andre James

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👉 Arturia Keylab 61 mkII

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👉 Omnisphere 2

👉 Pigments 2

👉 Equator 2

👉 Cyberlink Director


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NLP Patterns

NLP is the short form of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is an observation and understanding behavior and language of human. The study of human brain responding system with the perspective situation, the experience representation and better learning condition is included.

The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for self improvement, habit busting and phobia curing. Learn how you can use hypnosis to make your life more satisfying while eliminating stress and building your confidence.

Where Can You Use Covert Hypnosis?

For example, you can use it just to persuade people to do something. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular; you can use this to convince your spouse to see things your way without getting into a fight, getting your kids to do their homework, or making you co-worker see that your ideas make sense. Once you get to practice conversational hypnosis, you get your problems solved and everyone is happy because you’ve made your ideas their own.

The Ethical Implications of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy involves direct preconscious communication with others. The ethical implications must be considered and regular ethical training should be required of practicing clinical hypnotherapists and others who use such techniques.

How to Use Conversational Hypnosis to Hold Any Audience in Rapt Attention

Can you imagine what it’s like to be watching a really, really good TV show, one that is building up to a certain climax, and then leaves you hanging at the end? It’s frustrating, but on the other hand, it can be incredibly entertaining. Watching shows like that are really enjoyable, and they really grab, and hold, your attention.

How to Hypnotize Yourself to Quickly Remove Fear and Anxiety

If you have some that bothers you from time to time, and you’d like it to stop, here’s a great method that can help. Whether it’s a fear, or a phobia, this procedure can get rid of it for good, quickly and easily. It comes from NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, and has helped countless others to overcome their fears.

Psychological Persuasion – Make Someone Say ‘Yes’

To allow the spread of an idea or though through a social chain, we need persuasion. Having an idea in your mind is not nearly as powerful as having it adopted in another person’s mind; and that’s where persuasion takes play. We need to convince the person or subject that your idea is the correct one, and you could do this by many ways.

Free NLP EBooks Or Buying NLP EBooks

Today more and more people are discovering NLP or neuro-linguistic programming and are experiencing first hand improvements to their day to day lives. The primary aim of this article is to look into just some of the many benefits achievable through understanding and applying neuro-linguistic programming. We’ll cover some of the benefits you should look for when you buy NLP eBooks and NLP audio downloads or when you buy a physical book on this topic.

Different Hypnosis Techniques to Learn

There are many different hypnosis techniques to learn, but if you are just starting out, then you will find some of the most fascinating ones in this article. For example, you will learn about being able to put people into a hypnotic trance just by shaking their hand and other things.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss – How Does it Work to Make You Lose Weight?

Today our society is putting more emphasis on weight loss rather than what really matters – your general HEALTH! If you’re looking for ways to lose weight, you should focus on your physical as well as your mental health instead of just weight control. This is because once you shift your attention to your overall health, weight loss just results naturally.

Conversational Hypnosis – Three Reasons Why Its Morality is Questionable

Conversational hypnosis enables unscrupulous people to take advantage of others. Therefore should it be banned and those that use it prosecuted.

The NLP Meta Model and Unspecified Nouns – Avoiding the Subject

When communicating we often leave out information about the subject, or noun, of a sentence. This be used intentionally to hide information or unintentionally to avoid information. In the NLP meta model, leaving out information about the subject is called an unspecified noun.

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