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Playlist – How does it feel to be hypnotized?

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 191 aftershow interview

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You too can learn hypnosis! Find out more on our website

Playlist – How does it feel to be hypnotized?

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An Essential Hypnosis Technique – Inducing Hypnotic Relaxation

Now that we have started to explore some of the basics of hypnotism, it’s time to continue with some actual hypnosis training and learning how to hypnotize people. In this article, I am going to cover one of the most basic skills you need to master as you learn hypnosis.

Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Many people just don’t know why they are afraid of certain things, whether it is flying, heights, spiders, or public speaking. How they came to being afraid of these things is of little consequence, as knowing this information does not help anyone be not afraid of it, but it is important to understand so that you know how fixing it will work!

A Basic Guide of How to Hypnotize Someone

There are several ways to learn how to hypnotize someone. However, it is important to understand that not everyone can be hypnotized. You can only use hypnotism on willing participants who are not skeptical or resistant.

Can Hypnosis Be a Sales Technique?

Have you ever considered hypnosis to improve your business? Sounds strange? Business owners would love to be able to make someone purchase their products or services, and refer others to their company. Why can’t you be able to use the power or hypnosis to increase your sales and commissions. People are often willing to be hypnotized into things if they feel that it will solve their problems.

What’s the Difference Between Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) And Hypnosis?

Most people confuse NLP and Hypnosis. The two are very different. Learn the difference once and for all in this article.

What is Hypnosis?

What exactly is hypnosis? How does it work and what can it do for you? Find out here!

Duncan McColl – Hypnosis Cds and Mp3s

Duncan McColl, hypnotherapist and author, left an amazing legacy of self hypnosis tapes, cds and mp3 downloads. Coupled with Whisper Subliminal recordings he has helped many people in the past to resolve ailments both physical or psycholological in nature. His books and tapes continue to provide insight into happy and healthy living.

Directive & Permissive Hypnosis – Are You a Drill-Sergeant Hypnotist?

There are two different kinds of language in hypnosis. One is directive, on is permissive. Directive hypnosis is by far more common – and it’s what most people picture when they think about hypnosis. In this article you will learn about a more elegant approach to hypnosis.

The Truth About Hypnotic Mind Control

When you are considering some mental improvement techniques, you might have come across things like hypnotic mind control, and this article is really your red flag against choosing it because of the nature how it goes about trying to reprogramme the mind. What you need to know is how this technology is really unfocused when it tries to manage its own elements, and how there are more alternatives you can turn to.

Helpful Tips For Those Falling Asleep in a Hypnosis Session

Research has suggested that during the alpha and theta state the mind is most receptive to programming. These are the common trance states. During these states the mind may or may not have recall.

Hidden Subliminal Messages Within Your Cortex

What is swirling in the brain and in the inner mind, are hidden subliminal messages that are actually telling you what to do, and the bad thing about this, is that we are quite powerless in the whole aspect of this. What happens is that these messages actually dictate how you behave in the real world. For one thing, what you need to do is to really understand the power of the mind, and how it leverages on your own psychology and psyche – and how you can leverage on this as well.

Learning Hypnotism – The First Steps You Must Take to Start Learning Hypnosis

Do you want to learn how to hypnotize someone? So, what is Hypnosis, you may ask, and how do you go about learning hypnotism. To understand what you can do through Hypnosis you must first get a clear grasp in your mind of the fundamental and subtle differences in the basic principals of how it is used in everyday life.

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