How to hypnotize someone with just your finger. Clinical hypnosis induction demonstration

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Old training video I did in back in the early 2010’s. Found this in an old hard drive and thought of sharing.

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You Might Be an Ericksonian Hypnotist, But Your Website Isn’t

We hypnotists love our words (with good reason). When a client searches for solutions, though, the last thing they want is to read a novel to learn what you do. Balance being unique with being informative.

The Patient Building Of Life Within Yourself

Happiness is a job inside yourself, sadness is thinking that happiness is caused outside of yourself in some way, whether by “outer” wealth, “outer great” circumstances or by any “logical” means. With that reality, I begin this article.

The Best Mind Expanding, Consciousness Altering Disciplines on Earth

Ancient people used intuition to thrive. Modern society relies on intellect. The best mind training disciplines, like hypnosis, grow the two as one.

The “My Friend John” of Your Hypnosis Business

If you’re not using the My Friend John technique in your business, you’re missing out. It’s a clear, clean way to show your value and win hypnosis clients.

The Reality That Does Always Count, No Matter What We Do

“The map is not the territory” is a famous quote, but I would like to put a new spin on it in this article: The map inside of you counts more than the map outside of you on paper or computer Global Positioning System (GPS). When I think of reality in this way, I take nothing for granted.

The Day I Accidentally Became Charismatic

I was in a weird state of mind when I tapped into my dormant charisma. The rest of my life has been about chasing that. Here is what I found.

Lose Control to Gain Power

Your body moves without your conscious awareness. Hypnosis and meditation can use this to strengthen you. It takes strength and courage to surrender control, even to yourself.

Hypnosis With Children

Children do not fully develop cognitive processes until they reach the age of 11 or 12. Until that age information is uncritically experienced by the child rather than being processed and critically evaluated. Children do not worry about the same theories and facts about the world and how things should be! This means that they go into trance much easier than adults do. Their focus is very fluid and they can move in and out of trance states in a very natural and relaxed way.

The Positive Benefits of Being Negative

Why are we predisposed to focusing on the negatives in life? And can this be a blessing in disguise?

Hypnosis and Marketing: PCAT Versus AIDA

If you’re a hypnotist, then you’re already an expert in marketing. Both professions use similar tools to achieve similar results. It’s simply a matter of application. This is why there’s an intriguing parallel between a hypnotic interaction and a marketing one.

There’s Nothing Surprising About Hypnotic Brainwaves

Scientists have been measuring the electrical activity of the brain for centuries. Tools like EEG machines show just how drastically hypnosis improves your brain’s functions. A hypnotic trance is similar to Zen meditation, only you gain the benefits instantly.

The Chemical That Improves Your Mental Health

You can feel relaxed, centred and well, thanks to a neurotransmitter called gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). And, as it turns out, hypnosis is one of the best ways to easily, quickly and naturally boost your levels of this incredible chemical.

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