Hypnosis for comfort and relaxation with Maggie – ASMR with Law of Attraction suggestions

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Enjoy a relaxing hypnosis session with the most comforting ASMR voice with Maggie! The session comes with a law of attraction suggestion, that way, you are able to over come whatever difficulties this crisis had brought to you and your family. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!

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Surgery Preparation and Recovery Hypnosis

Surgery in and of itself is scary enough. When your surgery involves a complicated health issue, the whole process can almost paralyze you with fear.

Forensic Hypnosis – Is It A Valid Investigative Tool?

Forensic and investigative hypnosis has become a more widely used tool by police agencies in the investigation of criminal activity. It is important that certain criteria be followed in he selection of subjects to be hypnotized to recall information that may be of use in the investigation. This article presents that criteria with examples of how hypnosis may be a valid tool for use by the investigating officers.

Use The Power of Presuppositions To Get The Results You Want

The core of the ideology behind NLP and the presuppositions of NLP all suggest that there is no negative and only positive in everything we do and experience. This “finding the good in everything” mindset is how those who practice NLP reprogram their minds to treat everything with a positive outlook.

What Is Trance Logic? Does It Relate To Modern Hypnosis?

So I have been reading what many consider to be a seminal work and great contribution to the field of clinical hypnosis. It is a paper entitled “The nature of hypnosis: Artifact and essence” which was published in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology in 1959 and was written by Martin Orne. It is important because it is a very early publication claiming that the hypnotised individual will overlook certain issues within suggestions being delivered by the hypnotist, that in their ‘usual waking state’ may well be disturbing or problematic for them.

Charles Dickens, Hypnosis and Mesmerism

Did you know that Charles Dickens publicly performed mesmerism? Did you know that he was a strong advocate of the subject of mesmerism and was very close friends with Britain’s most famous medical mesmerist? This article tells all.

How to Know If You’ve Been Hypnotized

Many individuals believe that hypnosis can assist them in making positive changes. However, how does the hypnotist or client know that hypnosis has actually taken place?

Posthypnotic Suggestion and Re-Induction As A Rapid Means Of Inducing or Deepening Hypnosis

The means of deepening hypnosis that I am writing about here today is referred to as refractionation by many and also goes by other names. It is particularly useful within a hypnotherapy session as we hypnotherapists tend to work with people whose presenting issues can detrimentally effect their ability to concentrate or focus well; this process enhances concentration and focuses attention very well. This type of deepening process is virtually the same as the induction process often referred to as fractionation, the kind cited in a Dave Elman style of induction, as you’ll see as I explain…

The Importance Of High Quality Scripts For Hypnosis

Hypnotism is a highly unstable form of therapy, and cases have reported results ranging from high to almost negligible in terms of its effectiveness. The quality of the scripts for hypnosis to be used for a session should be attended to with much care, to ensure a higher rate of effectiveness. A hypnosis session is typically divided into 5 parts…

Speak Confidently by Utilizing Public Speaking Hypnosis

The fear of public speaking is a very common one. Many people freeze up at the thought of giving a presentation in a board room. In studies that determine the biggest and most common fears, public speaking always tops the list. People tend to fear public speaking more than they fear death.

Stop Letting The Past Control You!

We would like to think that we live in the present but we don’t. Find out how your past affects your present and future and how you can change it.

Hypnosis: Does It Work?

While the main question people tend to ask about hypnosis is, “Does it work?” what people are not aware of is the fact that we all experience forms of hypnosis throughout each day. Although the concept of hypnosis may seem very mysterious to many, this is mostly due to the stage hypnotist shows in which a hypnotist is seemingly able to take full control over the volunteer’s mental and bodily functions.

Using Self Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Throughout our life we all develop habits. Some of these habits are good ones. And unfortunately some are bad habits. In order to improve our life we must constantly strive to change our bad habits. One bad habit that many people try to over come is the addiction to smoking. While there are many methods that people use to try to quit smoking, such as nicotine patches, gum or even just quitting cold turkey. Many people find little success. There is another very effective way to change your smoking habits that is becoming more popular, it is using hypnosis to stop smoking.

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