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Do you want to sleep deeply and comfortably through the night? Do you want to want to let the sound of the voice of a classically trained musician guild you gently into your happy dreams?We’ve got a lot emails from people who brought the previous sessions, they all believe an eye fixation induction would be effective inducing deep hypnotic sleep. Lisa O’Brien is happy provide a highly skilled pocket watch induction with exceptional valueThis recording is designed to make your mind and body letting go all your stress, and feel that vague dreamy feeling gently washing all over your mind and body right before you fall asleep. You might not realize when you start dreaming and when you start sleeping deeper than before, yet this video assure you to wake feeling refreshed, happy and confident in the morning with many happy dreams.

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3 Reasons Why Hypnosis Training is a Waste of Time

Why is hypnosis training a waste of time? One, hypnosis is the methods of the 1980s and no longer apply to a mind made more complex by complex times. The brain and how we think has changed with technology and hypnosis is no longer the answer to unlocking the brain form its shackles of stress and being exposed to an increasingly convoluted world.

All the Hypnosis Secrets You Can Imagine

Whether you are a skeptic or not, you too have probably at some point in time been curious about the unnatural phenomenon. This leads to people wondering about the various hypnosis secrets that are out there.

Hypnosis – A New Trend For an Old Tool

Hypnosis, self-hypnosis and other natural methods are getting more popular as people realize that traditional medicine and medications carry their risks of side effects. As a consequence there is an increase in the demand for qualified hypnotherapists. The major problem that North America and the world in general does not have a clear regulation policy for hypnotists and anyone and their mother can practice hypnosis.

Using NLP in Every Day Life

A couple of years ago I went on a two day introductory diploma in NLP. Why? I’m not a trainer – but I am a communicator. NLP as a tool is highly useful in many walks of life, not just sales, therapy or training.

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques – How Can You Learn Them?

Conversational hypnosis techniques include different methods for influencing the subconscious mind. The subject goes into a sort of trance and can be influenced by vocal tones, trigger words, and certain gestures. Everyone from marketers to salespeople to politicians use conversational hypnosis techniques.

7 Steps For How to Hypnotize Someone

If you have ever wanted to know how to hypnotize someone, follow the detailed instructions in this article. By following each of these seven steps, you will be able to successfully hypnotize someone under your power.

The Mind Control Secrets of the Word “Not”

I would like to show you little known facts of very powerful word “not”. We all use it daily but only handful of people realize how powerful linguistic tool it is and how easy it is to manipulate thoughts of others with it.

Self Hypnosis Techniques – Learn Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is one of the most useful areas of hypnosis, allowing you to maximise your creative potential to accomplish whatever you desire from life. Even if you were primarily attracted to other areas of hypnosis you will still find this area of study invaluable.

An Explanation of Conversational Hypnosis

Are you interested in understanding what “conversational hypnosis”is and what theories it has stemmed from? This article is going to break down this form of hypnosis so that you can better understand its background and its uses.

How to Use the Hidden Science of Visualization and Hypnosis to Achieve Your Goals

Many scientists are proposing theories that echo those of ancient mysticism. Concepts such as “we are all connected on some fundamental level”, “the Power of Visualization”, and “the Universe responds to thought” have been around for thousands of years, and now scientists are beginning to tap into this truth, a definite truth you can use to achieve your goals.

Have You Ever Wanted to Learn How to Hypnotize People?

Learning how to hypnotize people is something that everyone wishes they could do. Many people are interested, but skeptical as to whether it really works or not. Hypnosis has been a subject of debate in the science community for many years.

What Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Tom Peters and KISS Have in Common

If you want to master NLP, you really need to understand the concept discussed in this article. Seth Godin, Tom Peters and KISS will, among others, be your guides.

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