Hypnosis for ultra deep sleep with Lisa – No Music Version – 4 hours ASMR

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This is a “no music” version of Hypnosis for sleep with Lisa. It is also an extended 4 hours long version to keep you company all night.

Do you want to sleep deeply and comfortably through the night? Do you want to want to let the sound of the voice of a classically trained musician guild you gently into your happy dreams?We’ve got a lot emails from people who brought the previous sessions, they all believe an eye fixation induction would be effective inducing deep hypnotic sleep. Lisa O’Brien is happy provide a highly skilled pocket watch induction with exceptional valueThis recording is designed to make your mind and body letting go all your stress, and feel that vague dreamy feeling gently washing all over your mind and body right before you fall asleep. You might not realize when you start dreaming and when you start sleeping deeper than before, yet this video assure you to wake feeling refreshed, happy and confident in the morning with many happy dreams.

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How to Learn Hypnosis Easily

If you have always been fascinated by hypnosis and how the mind works, then perhaps you should learn how to do it. While this kind of thing should not be done irresponsibly, learning how to hypnotize others can be a lot of fun.

A New and Completely Original NLP Technique For Reducing the Importance of Emotions or Thoughts

Do you place too much value on other people’s thoughts and feelings? Do you have thoughts or habits or states that take on importance far more than they should? Then this new and original NLP technique will help you.

Hypnotherapy – Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Being Hypnotized

One of the things that seems to make people wary of trying hypnotherapy, is the fear that they will somehow lose control. This myth has been perpetuated to good affect on the movie screen and in literature, the all powerful Svengali figure with their swinging watch, who can make people do their evil bidding. The reality is fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) no where near as glamorous or mystical as Hollywood would have us believe.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques Can Improve Behavior

Right from the start, it’s a mouthful to say: neuro linguistic programming techniques. Known as NLP, the process started out as a therapeutic method, according to its co-founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Hypnosis Explained (Debunking the Myths)

Hypnosis is a very simple and easy-to-explain psychological phenomena – yet often it is wrongly portrayed as some sort of black magick or mysticism. This lack of a fair representation leaves many to throw “hypnotic wisdom” aside as mere fantasy or hogwash; and those who have been hypnotized we typically think of as weak-minded or gullible.

What is Hypnosis and How Safe is It?

You must have come across the term hypnosis often times in various discussions. It’s discussed on TV, in movies, in stories, medical journals and even general street talk.

Your Absolute Mind

Mention Hypnotherapy to anyone and instantly they think they will be hypnotized to caress a broom stick or walk down the street clucking like a chicken whilst eating an onion believing it’s an apple! Well, I’m here to enlighten you that it’s really not about making you look silly but instead welcoming you to the world of sub-consciousness and possibility.

Hypnosis FAQ – What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the science of treating the subject through hypnosis. It mainly deals with problems related to the mind. As per statistics, more than 80% of human problems are mental. It can also work as a catalyst for the remaining 20% of ailments, as curing any type of disease depends highly on the attitude of the patient, and hypnotherapy can help him in thinking positive, which is very beneficial in all kind of ailments.

Are Fears, Phobias and Nervousness Getting You Down?

More and more people are having their lives hindered or controlled by fears, shyness and a lack of confidence. Here you have a clear and refreshing explanation of the problem, why it exists and what to do about it. The article explains how hypnosis can provide a positive and encouraging outlook for those that have failed with other methods. You need to know why it is imperative to deal with the subconscious mind to prevent future failures.

Learning How to Use Hypnosis For Free

Hypnotism is a fascinating thing. It’s always a fantastic thing to watch on television or in real life. But is it possible to learn hypnotism for free? Yes you can actually find many things online that are supposed to help you learn this skill for free.

The Top 5 Things to Know About Hypnosis

Are you considering hypnosis to help you through a particular life struggle? Good for you! Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help people get unstuck from the problems in their lives. It has been proven effective over and over in research, and has been approved by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association for decades.

Using Subliminal Messaging With Pictures

Many companies do it all the time, subliminal messaging has been used by the biggest names out there. While some people actually consider it brainwashing and disagree with the method, it has helped to sell many a product for the likes of Coke and Pepsi to name just a couple.

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