Hypnosis Roleplay: Turns into Lauren’s puppy. ASMR roleplay

A Halloween hypnosis to help you celebrate safely in the comfort of your home. Watch her special pocket watch and go deep into trance for the beautiful Lauren Houston #hypnosis #ASMR #hypno

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God’s Cathedral or The Devil’s Den: Our Lives

First off, I would like to quote The Song of Solomon: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Second, I would like to explain what I mean by that quote: Despite what we love to think, we make reality what it is men and women. As we all plant into the ground of life, so do we reap as plants and trees of reality. Sure, that sounds rather harsh. But the truth straight up is never harsh really. The lies we find the truth out about are the harshest things of all.

The Hypnotic Trick to Stopping Aggression

When people get angry, most people freeze. It helps to remember that they are victims of their anger too. Then, a simple piece of hypnosis that anyone can learn will calm them in their tracks.

The Better Way To Do “It”

Reality comes down to what we are, not what we want to be. We most definitely have to evolve and shape into what we want to be. Indeed, sometimes, that vision does not go as planned for better or worse. That is where this article comes in.

Where Did Hypnosis Come From?

If Hypnosis, in the modern era came from the Medical Community. Why is not part of that system anymore?

Hypnosis Controls You – Doesn’t It?

The myth that in Hypnosis you are under another’s control. Hypnosis is something we do to ourselves. Everyday.

Hypnosis Is Everywhere?

There are so many misunderstandings about the word ‘Hypnosis’. Complicated definitions that confuse and complicate. This article explains that Hypnosis is everywhere, all the time, and as natural as breathing

4 Useful Benefits of Hypnosis

Sometimes people with even the strongest willpower can find it different to overcome a negative habit or conquer a phobia. For many in this situation, a useful alternative treatment option is to try hypnosis. This type of treatment works with the subconscious mind to treat a wide range of physical and psychological problems.

Hold On Tight: The Article That Does Not Depend On Luck, But Develops Luck

United States President Thomas Jefferson was once rumored to say “The harder I work, the luckier I am”. Well, I agree with that, but I would like to add a little “spin” to it: Th.e more alert to opportunity I am, the luckier I am.

Choose Your Reality

Reality and life are games. They are not just games we play though. In reality, the game of reality comes down to goals, barriers, and ultimate objectives. We have a choice to win or to lose through our actions within that framework. Sure, this seems like a simple article, but, read closer, it is much more complicated than I make it seem.

Do The Mental Math As Well As The Mental School Work

We must think if we want to connect. I mean brain neuron and axon connections, that is. Anatole France had one of the smallest, lightest brains in human history supposedly, but the difference was that he had incredible connections and pathways in it that optimized his genius.

The Clairvoyant Doctrine

Before I begin, I would like to say this: Reality is simpler than we can conceive or believe, although it ends up complicated and interesting. With that said, here is a cold-blooded trip down memory lane and into the amazing future.

Your Allegory And Mine

I could start out with the theme of a sacred harp, or a magic lamp, or some such fiction on this one. But, here is what I will start out with: Our minds are all of these things ultimately and we do not need sacred harps, magic lamps or all of that.

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