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Let Hypnotist Jennifer Saands guide you into a deep state of hypnosis and help you achieve the highest mental concentration while feeling relaxed. Stay razor sharp focus throughout the day and get all your work done without distraction. Do you find that you often have problems maintaining focus? Do you find your productivity became limited to your lack of concentration? Do you sometimes wish if only you stay focus on the task just a little longer? This product is ideal for you.
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Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. Theories explaining what occurs during hypnosis fall into two groups. Altered state theories see hypnosis as an altered state of mind or trance, marked by a level of awareness different from the ordinary conscious state. In contrast, Non-state theories see hypnosis as a form of imaginative role-enactment

During hypnosis, a person is said to have heightened focus and concentration. The person can concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction. Hypnotised subjects are said to show an increased response to suggestions.[8] Hypnosis is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions. The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy”, while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as “stage hypnosis”. Stage hypnosis is often performed by Mentalists practicing the art form of Mentalism 失眠

Always Wake Up Early

A chief element of the self help movement is waking up early in the morning. While there aren’t necessarily any health benefits to waking up early there are a few advantages and reasons why people would want to wake up early.

Dispelling the Myths About Hypnotism

Myths and misconceptions about hypnotism abound and like most misconceptions they are created by a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown. As a certified hypnotist, one component of my personal mission is to educate and dispel some of these myths. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and it is a natural outlet for us.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). There are many definitions of NLP, from the illustrious and vague to the more plain English and assessable but do any of these actually define what NLP actually is?

The Healing Power of Master John Douglas – My Personal Experience

Peter, who is a dear friend and someone whom I consider quite enlightened just sent me a CD package called spirit repair by Master John Douglas who since the age of nine years old has been studying profound healing modalities. Peter, who is a regular meditator and one whom I consider to be in alignment with the laws of nature began to experience a downward spiral in his personal life and general state of well being.

How to Hypnotize Someone – 4 Simple Steps

Are you looking to learn ways of how to hypnotize someone? Well you are in luck as there are plenty of places that now offer courses in how to do this particular skill. However, it is important that when you are learning this particular skill not everyone you attempt to hypnotize will be susceptible to what you are attempting to do.

Can Hypnosis Teach You How to Lose Weight?

You have probably heard the claims about how hypnosis can help you quit smoking, lose weight, or deal with past issues in your life. Many people are very skeptical of the entire concept behind hypnosis, while others are very interested to learn more.

Covert Hypnosis – The Top 2 Methods That Get Results

Politicians, performers, marketers and even counselors are usually trained in covert hypnosis whether they will admit to it or not. If you are also looking to add the power of influence to your skills then you should seriously be considering the top 2 methods that get results.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis – Learn How to Read People

Do you know why conversational hypnosis is talked about so much? Because with the help of this technique, you can secretly hypnotize people and your subjects will never even get a whiff of it! But hold on, before you start hypnotizing people with conversational hypnosis, know that you need to be able to read people before you can go ahead with this process.

Hypnotic Susceptibility

Hypnosis is a fascination field of study – it’s a way of exploring the uncharted territories of our minds. Hypnosis has been successfully used for medical, therapeutic, business and personal matters.

Get More Out of Life Through Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis is a series of speaking techniques that are used by the rich and powerful around the world. This doesn’t mean everyone with money and power has taken a course in conversational hypnosis, but many of them have attended motivational speaking lectures.

Lose Weight Without Exercise – Try Hypnosis Instead

One of the leading health problems in America today is obesity. By 2015, many experts predict that over two-thirds of Americans will at least be overweight or obese.

Covert Hypnosis – What it is, What it Does, and How it Can Be Recognized

Covert hypnosis is a technique which enables anybody, by the careful choice of words or by utilizing certain gestures or body language, to communicate with the subconscious mind of another without them knowing it. This technique differs from other forms of hypnosis, because it’s performed without the knowledge or consent of the other person. By understanding the principles and techniques of covert hypnosis we can enhance our lives, and the lives of those around us. It also enables us to recognize when covert hypnosis is being used on us.

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